Nicholas Mangan                                                                             2/7/11

Inventory Report                                                                          T. Davis

Parent/Child Project DREAM Interest Form

Students Name: “Junior”

Students Age: 15

Diagnoses: ADHD and on the Autism Spectrum (high functioning)

Persons answering questions: Mom and Junior

1. What do you do as a family for recreation?

        We go bowling sometimes or take walks and collect cans. My Fiancé wants to go swimming with Junior when his back feels better.

2. What are Junior’s interests and dislikes?

        Junior loves playing with computers especially his new computer to play games on, he likes 18 wheeler trucks, collecting cans with grandma to get money and he always knows what the weather is going to be. Junior does not like the cold or extreme hot so he doesn’t like being outside in the winter or heat of summer.

3. Junior, what about physical activities you enjoy?

        I do like to work out, but I don’t like being outside in the cold.

5. Does Junior have friends he could engage in physical activity with?

        He has a friend Zach (Felix, 14 yrs) who he has been hanging out with.

4. What community based recreation sport programs does Junior participate in?

        Junior is in SUNY Cortland’s adapted physical education labs Monday and Tuesday nights where he goes swimming and plays gym activities.

5. Do you have any fitness concerns for Junior that you would like to be addressed in physical education?

        Junior is small for his age and we would like to see him be more active so he can get stronger. He likes to stay inside when home either watching TV or playing games.

6. Any medical concerns I should be aware of?

        He takes medicine twice a day, in the morning and afternoon but you won’t have to give him the medicine. Other than that he is totally fine and ready for sports.

7. What other things would you like Junior to work on?

        We want Junior to stop talking to so many strangers.

My Analysis:

        Junior really needs to engage in more activity and be social with his peers. His interests for the most part are sedentary indoor activities and if he doesn’t like being exposed to severe weather elements, I can show him how to be active with friends indoors! His family doesn’t seem to be very active together but they all agreed they could go bowling together, even grandma. Therefore a focus of my assistance to Junior is to develop his bowling skills so he can enjoy being moderately active with his family. In addition Junior is very small and thin, I really want to get him running around and supporting his own body weight through fun activities which I can plan in a racquetball court. We can spend some days working with his friend Zach Felix so he can be socially active with his peers. I know Junior loves approaching people and being friendly but I can work on his talking to strangers. I understand that it will be a challenge to get Junior to remain focused but I really look forward to being his mentor and showing him ways to be active, play with friends and have fun!