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December Workshop

  1. - Make free open-ended and multiple choice polls
  2. Doodle Buddy - Drawing app
  3. SonicPics Lite - Narrate a series of up to 3 images. Saves as a movie file.
  4. Little Speller Free - Pair voice with images to make multimedia spelling quizzes
  5. PuzzleGame (a.k.a. Up in Pieces) - Make any image into a playable jigsaw puzzle
  6. PuppetPals HD - Record voice and what happens on the screen to make a movie
  7. ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard - Records a movie as you draw and type. Movies are saved at
  8. - Free flashcards. Browse or make your own sets.
  9. - Make collaborative canvases for sticky notes
  10. Songify - App for the teacher to turn speech into song. Inappropriate content is accessible in the app.

Get a fresh start by powering off your handheld:

eClicker app (free) and eClicker Host ($9.99) for using handhelds as a student response system. Read more about student response systems.

Generate QR codes at Scan QR codes with the i-nigma app.

Make a name tag at

Talking Gina repeats what you say.

Mirror what’s on your screen to a projector using Apple’s iPad VGA Adapter. Or use a document camera, like the Point 2 View.

Free audio and video content can be found in iTunes under Podcasts and iTunes U.

To save an image in Safari, tap and hold until the Save button appears. Tap Save and the image is stored in the Photo app.

Read Things to Know About Apps & Apple Devices

Voice Memos is pre-installed on iPod touch and iPhone. iPad users can install Quick Voice Recorder.  Great uses of voice recording is are studycasts and student reflections.

Record voices in a silly way using Talking Tom and Talking Rex.

Speech-to-Text: Dragon Dictation and Google Translate

Drawing, Images, and Comics: Doodle Buddy, Adobe Photoshop Express, Comic Touch Lite, Strip Designer (iPad only), SonicPics, StoryKit, Splice

Buy a 3-pack of Universal Touch Stylus Pens

How to Take a Screenshot:

iBooks for storing and reading eBooks and PDFs. Tap and hold while viewing a PDF in Safari to open in iBooks.

Accessibility options are activated in the Settings app under General. This includes VoiceOver, Zoom, Large Text, White on Black, Mono Audio, Speak Auto-Text. Setting the Triple-click home can give quick access to some of these features.

Mirror iPad 2’s screen to a projector using the iPad VGA Adapter from Apple. Or, use a document camera or USB camera like the Point 2 View.

List of Apps


Classroom Dos and Don’ts

Zwipes are inexpensive microfiber clothes for cleaning screens. Look for them in the automotive section or buy at Amazon.

Kill germs without chemicals using Germ Guardian Mini UV-C Light Wand

Read Tony Vincent’s Learning in Hand Blog for lots more, including video podcasts.

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Thank you very much for participating!