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Thursday, January 19, 2012

        vii) One other environmental problem you have researched.

Question 2

Chose two cities, one must be in an MEDC, the other in an LEDC which has an urban slum / squatter settlement

i)  Give a brief history of each city’s path to urbanisation [2 x 3]

ii) For each city, describe three major problems related to urbanisation residents face today.      [2 x 5]

iii) For each city, suggest viable solutions to overcome two major urban growth problems             [2 x 2 x 4]

Your work must include:

        - a title page (name, date, class, title, subject, word count)

- at least two hand drawn maps (title, key, numbered), refer to them in the text

- at least two graphs, of which one must be hand drawn (title, key, numbered), refer to them in the text

- at least four pictures (title, annotation, numbered), refer to them in the text

- proper sourcing and bibliography

-Assessment: IGCSE style marking, out of 63

IGCSE Geography, Settlement: Urban Growth

DUE: Wednesday February 1

Question 1

a) Describe, in a few sentences, how the following problems are associated with the growth of urban areas.  [5 x 2]

i) congestion in the CBD

ii) housing shortages

iii) traffic congestion

iv) squatter settlements

v) one other problem you have researched

b) Describe, in a few sentences, the effects of urbanisation on the environment from: [7 x 3]

i) air pollution

ii) water pollution

iii) visual pollution

iv) noise pollution

v) urban sprawl

vi) the growth of out-of-town urban activities –– shopping areas, sports facilities, etc.