Troubleshooting Guidelines

Q: What if a student’s device is broken, lost or stolen?

A: It is a good idea to make sure that classrooms are locked or students have the opportunity to put devices in lockers if they will be leaving the room and the devices would be unattended. The BYOT agreement form clearly states that the school is not responsible for broken, lost, or stolen items.

Q: What if a student is taking pictures with his or her device (note that this would mean taking pics of friends, etc., not related to an academic assignment)?

A: We would treat this situation as we always have. The device would be taken up, a discipline report would be filled out, and the device would be returned to a parent.

Q: What if a student is using his device in an inappropriate place (restroom or locker room) or visits inappropriate sites?

A: Again, we would address this as we have in the past. The device would be taken up, a discipline report would be filled out, and a parent would retrieve the device from an administrator. Depending on the situation the student may lose the opportunity to continue participating in BYOT.

Q: What if I don’t want my students to use electronic devices in class on a particular day?

A: As students enter the room and begin the day’s warm up or think aloud be sure to tell the class that they will power down for today’s lesson. The device will be in your room, but should not be utilized. (Handle this as we do a meeting in which we remind everyone to silence their devices.)

Q: What if a student is texting in class and this activity is not a part of the lesson and therefore isn’t appropriate?

A: Texting is the note-writing. This is an age-old problem for school teachers, and one that you have already mastered in your classroom. Treat it accordingly. For most people, the simple reminder of put that away works for note-writers. For some, a strike is given. In any event, this should be treated as a classroom disruption and should be handled in the classroom unless the offense is repeated daily.

Q: How do I know that the students will be using our network and therefore our filter?

A: Students need to register their device(s) one time only and then the device’s WIFI will work off of our network when the student is in our building. Directions for registering a device are attached.

Q: This all sounds fine, but I’m not a techie. How am I going to incorporate BYOT into my classroom activities and curriculum?

A: I am glad you asked! None of us is as smart as all of us. We are our own best resource! You are surrounded by amazing people with creative ideas! Tap into that resource. And, don’t forget the face smiling back at you in class. Be open to their ideas on incorporating technology into classroom activities.

You can do this! Your commitment to lifelong learning will set a stunning example for our students! When students are engaged, their learning is limitless!