“Suffering Servant Part I”- (Isaiah 53) by Believin Stephen

Who has believed our report? (verse 1)

The suffering servant Jesus our Lord

Grew up like a young plant, a root out of dry ground (verse 2)

Not born in a inn, in a cave he’d lie down

Was one from whom men hide their faces (verse 3)

Despised in places for signs of greatness (verse 3)

Carried our sorrows, bore our griefs (verse 4)

Went to the cross…. For his sheep (verse 6)

Please note, had no physical beauty (verse 2)

But rose again, a miracle truly

We’re wicked; admit it, the innocent afflicted it was written (verses 4 &5)

Took a licken, smitten, stricken by God, men were whippin (verse 4)

God’s spittin image, despised we esteemed Him not (verse 3)

See our thoughts devised such an evil plot

We’ve been caught; He was wounded for our sins (verse 5)

We’ve been bought; He proved this in the end

Peace he brought, at His chastisement (verse 5)

Death mad violent, He feeds His flock

He’s the Rock, so I’m rhymin wit zeal

Crushed for sins, by His stripes we are healed (verse 5)

All of us like sheep; we’ve all gone astray (verse 6)

We have ALL turned to our own wrong way (verse 6)

God laid on Christ, all our iniquity (verse 6)

Paid for His bride, and all of her history

We know..the Son of Man had a Father

And He’d go..led like a lamb to the slaughter (verse 7)

Knew he was innocent, Jews were belligerent (verse 9)

Kept his mouth shut, didn’t choose to be militant (verse 7)

Abused wit ill intent, no deceit in his mouth (verse 9)

Repentance and faith he was preachin about  (verse 11)

Beat brutally , scene disgustin

Yet it was God’s will to crush Him (verse 10)

He lived a perfect life..so blameless

But He suffered a lot… His soul anguished (verse 11)

On the cross His lungs collapsing, gaspin

Out of anguish, He saw satisfaction (verse 11)

Because he came to make many righteous (verse 11)

Who were once lifeless, this is a tight gift!

Counted with sinners, poured out His soul to death (verse 12)

Makes intercession, plus controls ya breath (verse 12)

HOOK- 2x

The Suffering Servant crews despised

The Suffering Servant refused to lie

The Suffering Servant did choose to die

The Suffering Servant crucified