Speaking With God

All too often I hear of people that claim to have heard God speak to them.  We have heard this from famous religious leaders, not so famous religious leaders, the crazy people that create cult followings and the guy down the street.  My personal view is that God is, on the greatest level, pure energy diluted in the consciousness of everything.   The higher one ascends, the more conscious they are of this pure energy.  


How does a person speak to God?  They do not.  Normal people have no idea what they are conversing with in the spirit realm, but because of religious or spiritual belief and convictions they believe that what they are experiencing cannot be wrong.  More often than not they are completely wrong and unaware of the dangers they are flirting with.


I have a long time friend who recently told me that God told him to give a customer an outrageous deal on a car because the customer needed a break. This included an exchange of the title with a small down payment and a verbal promise of additional payments.  He then told me the same customer ended up taking advantage of his kindness and never followed through with payments.  I then asked my friend, if the same God that had spoken intended for him to get screwed in the deal?  "If it was God, he or she would have known that you were going to get screwed on the deal right?"  My friend replied, "Maybe it wasn't God."


Realistically, my friend had no idea what had spoken to him that day.  I personally believe that if it was God, that God would have said something more significant than to give a guy a deal on a car.  In the least, God would have made the deal beneficial for all.  But people want to believe and often do not question or even know how to determine the authenticity of the source.

Aside from people claiming God is speaking to them, others believe they converse with angels, ascended beings and even aliens.  Many times, those who claim this ability as a gift bestowed upon them by an outside source use it for profit, seeking power over others.  Trust me when I say, the ability to converse with higher energies without accessing and employing the experience on one’s own terms, makes a person a slave to the ability as they are unable to turn it off.  The worst case scenario for a person who truly has the ability and can’t turn it off is that they can go crazy, something along the lines of schizophrenia.

Students in the apprenticeship run an eerily similar course as I work with them to reawaken this ability after they begin journeying.  Initially they have little control over the intensity of the experience and a guide is needed to balance everything out for them.  But once control is gained and they are empowered, the experience becomes second nature.  Apprentices have the choice to discern what they allow to converse with them or turn the ability on or off as needed.  The physical the equivalent would be watching t.v. and choosing to mute or listen, change the channel or turn the t.v. on or off.


People who claim to have the ability of conversing with the divine, but are unclear about what they are really dealing with sometimes misuse the ability. They seek followers, teach classes on yoga, chanting and exercises that influence the movement of chi within the body (breathing exercises, meditation, prayer and the like) to offer a sense of empowerment for their followers.  All of which are effective in stimulating the body or quieting the mind, but none of these teachings offer any growth at all.  They claim to have something special that eludes the rest of us.  They proclaim their ability or gift to be bestowed on them by the divine they converse with.  I call these people con men, whether they are doing it knowingly or unknowingly.

Spiritual people spend their lives seeking "a way" to commune with God or a higher power.  There is no international standard or "way" that all people recognize and use to access or communicate with the source, a higher power or God. Almost all philosophies base their individual standard of an energetic or metaphysical experience on a philosophical perspective of a physical account described in a book.  Because there is no "way" described in the book to converse with an unseen party for themselves, the only choice is to believe it or not to believe it.


Throughout history there have been books and religious texts describing messengers of God interacting with humans. The messengers of God or angels descended from the clouds to interact with humans.  If messengers of God spoke to the people of the past, why don't they interact with humans today?  Are they hiding?  Perhaps it is because what the people of the past thought they were interacting with were not the messengers of God or any modern day idea of what God could be?  Perhaps these deities possessed abilities or technology that appeared god like and therefore were assumed to be God.  Perhaps they never stopped interacting with humanity?

My impression is that the human interaction with these god like beings and humans didn't work because at that time humanity wasn't ready for something so profound.  Is our society any different  now?  People say they are ready, but I say they cannot handle the truth.  People still hold dear old world religions and fears.  As much as the general public may want to believe, on a greater level they fear the possibility of interacting with may be classified as extra terrestrial beings.  I believe the interaction is ongoing.  For the most part it only happens when people are sleep because conscious memory of such an interaction would be traumatic.  


The consensus among people who are non religious yet still spiritual is that they do not believe in one God sitting on high judging all.  Spiritual people recognize energy, chi or life force, but not God as an individual.  Rather they see God as a part of everything.  

People claiming to channel information or have conversations with God generate a lot of skepticism in spiritual circles.  This is mostly because the idea of the "one God", the creator of heaven and earth, just doesn't fit into modern day reality.  It is my opinion that the belief in God is only a belief, but that the experience of God is one that we can all access.


Proof of God in past texts are philosophical interpretations of the possibility of both physical and energetic experiences.  In other words, it is conveyed as a story people are comfortable with.  Or is it?  Unless of course it is a literal description of extraterrestrial beings, perceived as gods, interacting with humanity, taken out of context by scholars to create something they can understand and control the meaning of, such as angels as messengers of god interacting with humans.

The only Gods ever recorded in religious and philosophical texts were actually extra terrestrial human like beings that interacted with man, perhaps even seeded humanity in our distant past.  In my opinion, without any proof of God there are two sides to the discussion.  The first is religious.  Which came first the chicken or the egg?  Religious people would have you believe the egg just appeared, like magic.  God of the ethers created everything in just seven days.  It is easy to believe if you are a child.  The second is science stating there has to be an atomic makeup for anything to be or become.  To create life there has to be some type of  seed.  


Viewing the history of evolution we know that Cro-Magnon man took a giant leap in evolution in a few thousand years when  every other species took millions.  There had to be an influence from somewhere.  Cro-Magnon man disappeared and humans suddenly appeared. This does not happen in evolution.  So what interacted with early man to create humans?  

If the only God we have record having visited is in our distant past was human like, does this mean we are god like?  Are we made in the likeness  and image of Cro-Magnon or something that interacted with it to create humans?  We are the only remaining proof, and the forgotten link, that the Gods ever existed and visited our planet.  The missing link between what we are and the divine is our consciousness.


The building blocks of consciousness are the same for everything in existence regardless of the embodiment.  Consciousness is a combination of self awareness and memory housed in an energetic body we commonly refer to as a soul or spirit.  We are the imprint of the consciousness of our creator, however almost all people have simply lost the awareness of this about themselves.  But if God is an internal source and people are still hearing voices speaking to them, then what are they hearing?

To adequately employ and unfold our awareness in the spirit realm, "to know" what we are be interacting with, we need to follow some basic protocols.  The first is to identify what we are interacting with.  Is it a ghost, a spirit, a poltergeist, a type of possession, a demonic entity, an angel or something?  When people believe they are receiving dialogue or information from the spirit realm, it is necessary to identify what is interacting with them first and foremost.  The second is to be able to ask questions and receive responses to those questions.  It is necessary to know that what is interacting with us is unconditionally positive to our experience.  If it is not unconditionally positive to our experience then it may be misleading us by offering information that we would like to hear so we might trust without question.  The third is discerning the truth of the information that we are receiving.  The fourth is utilizing a technique to see the source of any and everything that we interact with.  Seeing the source beyond what is consciously interacting with us, means that we are not limited to what is being presented to us.  This is huge.


Attaining awareness of the source is paramount before engaging in communication.  Dealing with the messenger alone leaves too many details untouched and the ultimate motive unknown as to why another is interacting with us.  

Taking the messenger at face value is negligent of one's own safety and well being on the greatest level.  This is no different than doing the same in the physical.  We wouldn't want to hire thieves to put in a security system just because they look professional?  Children are taught not to take candy from a stranger and not to chase a ball into the street without looking first.  Before you confide in an entity, know if its intentions are to your benefit or detriment, don't just take what it says at face value and believe it because you want to believe it.

To believe that any person on Earth is able to converse with something of a much higher intelligence simply because they believe they can or are entitled to because they devoutly read a certain book is ridiculous.  We believe we can fly as children, but as adults we know we cannot without machines.  Without having awareness beyond the physical and into the spirit realms to converse and gain the undeniable truth with entities in spirit, it is ego alone that fuels the belief that one can converse directly with God and everything else without having the ability to do so at will.  

The idea of speaking with the divine, God or anything else without knowing beyond a doubt what you are really interacting with is just a belief.  In the actual experience, knowing with certainty and truth replaces belief and hope.  Any attempt to access the spirit realm, the divine or a higher power can open a Pandora's box for people who have no clue about the dangers of what they are doing.  This extends to people who practice anything paranormal, the occult, metaphysics, witchcraft and magic who utilize a physical ritual to open up an experience or line of communication.  The idea of a ritual may sound normal if this is all you know, but from an energetic perspective this is completely backwards.


To converse with the divine, we must employ that level of experience for ourselves.  To converse with God it is necessary to awaken to the God consciousness within ourselves and employ that experience as our own.  We are God, the journey is in the realization of it through our own firsthand experience.  This is ascension.


By Joe Sica

Edited Rob C.