GLSA BOARD MEETING –  August 14, 2010

The August board meeting was held at Southside Township Hall.  The following members were present:   Gary Odegard, Lisa Perry, Joe Lepley, Curt Conrad, Peggy Jo Fortner,  Harry Wahlquist, Carole Gertgen, Kent Davidson, Pat Beithon & Jan Evenson.   Nancy Pattee Hector, non-voting member, also attended the meeting.  Dick Anderson and Jim Dandrea were also in attendance.  Absent were:  Jerry Dock, Jerry Doffing, Mike McNellis, Carl Swanson & Tom Plihal.  

Joe Lepley, President, opened the meeting at 9:00 a.m.  Joe introduced Jim Dandrea of the Water Patrol as he will give a report on “what’s happening” on the lakes this year.  

Minutes for the July board meeting were  reviewed -- there were no additions or corrections  and the minutes were approved by the board.  

TREASURER’S REPORT:   Gary gave his report and after a few questions, the report was approved.  Board members have a copy of the 8/14/10 Treasurer’s report and a copy will be attached to the minutes and filed.  

Peggy Jo suggested that only those who have been members in the past be sent membership notices and it was agreed by the board that Gary should send out notices to those property owners.

The total membership for 2010 is presently 373.    We are hoping to hit the 400 MARK!!!!

WATER PATROL:   Jim Dandrea, Water Patrol member, gave a very informative report on the background and how the patrol is working presently.   The Water Patrol organized in the 1970’s which evolved due to the fact the Wright County Sheriff Dept. didn’t have the deputies available to monitor 160 lakes in Wright County.  So they decided to form these Water Patrol groups  for most of the larger lakes in the county, i.e Maple, Sugar, Pleasant, Birch, Clearwater, Eagle, Charlotte,  & Sylvia and may include others.   The last count he received was 3500 volunteer hours on these lakes with Sylvia having nearly 600 of these alone.  

Also, times have changed greatly with all the Jet Skis, larger boats and just more people coming in from the increased size of the public access.  

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The main job of the patrol is to promote safety, wanting boaters to enjoy the lake and to enforce the boating rules set by the State of Minnesota.    

They cannot ticket anyone; however, may report the violator to the Sheriff’s Dept.  by taking down the boat number.   On occasion, the patrol may run into an irate  boater and that does go with the territory – it seems to always be the same people!

Times have changed!   The patrol doesn’t get the back-up like they used to!  Also, the Sheriff Dept. is trying to patrol the lakes more often then in the past and this is a good thing.  

One of the problems with jet skis, is the operator is not following the rules which should be attached to the jet ski such as staying 150 ft. from any object.  Also, a permit is needed for ages 13-17 to drive these machines.  

Jim also mentioned that the boating laws could be made simpler for the public regarding start and ending times for the jet skis – this would help considerably.

Presently, there are 14 Water Patrol members and while patrolling, should be visible as they are uniformed.

LINDALA LANDFILL:    Dick Anderson gave out to all board members a packet with information on the past sins of the Lindala Landfill and the present and past concerns of the gravel pits.  In this packet, is an abundant amount of information which was put together by Dick Anderson in hopes that the board will review it thoroughly and given some priority as we continue to preserve our lakes as well as human consumption of well water.  

This is a great concern, and should be reviewed seriously due to the potential impact of ground water pollution, from the mining process, was and still is a factor, as well as the surrounding gravel pits.

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MEMBERSHIP:    Nancy reported they are in need of 4 new coordinators.   If

any board member knows of anyone interested, please have them call Nancy.

NEW BUSINESS:    Jan reported that the picnic for August 15th is all set to go and that she had collected 10 door prizes for the big event.  

Joe will be speaking at the picnic regarding the zebra mussel concern and mentioned there will be an article in the Advocate in the next week or two.  

Meeting adjourned at approximately 10:15.

Submitted by:     Jan Evenson