PED 201 – Professor Yang

Lab Five

Pete J.

Name: _______________________________________                 Date: ___11/18_______

1. Task one: Reflection.

2. Task two: Object Control Skills Part B Worksheet.


1. Consider the activities/games that you have utilized so far during the past four labs.  Were they appropriate for the students at St. Mary’s?  Why or why not?  

        I feel that all of the games that I have utilized in the past at St. Mary’s have been designed to allow the students to perform the different skills that were meant to be assessed for that certain week. All of the college students have done their best in finding games to play that stress certain skills and also games that are building blocks for certain skills. Some of the games however, including games that I have taught may have not been age appropriate. This is one of the most common negative aspects of teaching at St. Mary’s that I have noticed during the weeks that I was there. Some of the games are too complicated for the students who are being taught. I find that this most often occurs with the younger children, gym groups and the pre-k groups. I feel that the games that are being taught utilize the skills that are being stressed to the fullest extent.

2. What might be some limitations to games or activities when using them in the process of assessing motor skills?

        Some limitations to games and activities could be that some of the students might not have the ability or the appropriate skill level to perform motor skills such as dribbling or kicking properly, or even for that matter when it comes to the younger group, skipping and hopping or jumping properly. These are all things to consider when teaching a game and when picking out a game to teach. Some other limitations would be that there could be limited space in the gym, such as yesterday, and a lot of children. This could cause spatial problems and make it even more difficult to properly assess, and it makes it difficult for the children to properly practice and perform their certain skills. Some other problems to games that are trying to assess motor skills is that some games might not have a leading up activity for a certain skill, they just start off with that certain skill which could make it difficult for a child to perform it if they don’t know what they are doing. It is important to teach different complex skills in progression, certain steps that lead up to eventually performing a certain skill.    

MOTOR DEVELOPMENT LAB- Object Control Skills Part B

TGMD-2: Test for Gross Motor Development- Second Edition- Revised

Name of Student:____________________________________                Grade:__________                Age: ___________

Check if male _______ or female_______

Object Control Skills- (Lab 5) Part B




Performance Criteria

Trial 1

Trial 2

1. Stationary Bounce with hand (dribbling)

Use a clear space, you can use a variety of playground balls or basketballs on a hard, flat surface.

During a game or activity, watch a student bounce a ball with their hand and/or dribble. Tell the student to bounce the ball using one hand.

  1. Contacts ball with one hand at about hip height.

  1. Pushes the ball with fingers (not a slap).

  1. Ball contacts floor in front of (or to the outside of) foot on the side of the hand being used.


Use a clear space, you can use a sponge ball or something soft.

During a game or activity, watch a student kick.

Place the ball on a line nearest the wall. Tell the student to kick the ball toward the wall.  

  1. Rapid continuous approach to the ball.

  1. The trunk is inclined backward during ball contact.

  1. Forward swing of the arm opposite kicking leg.

  1. Follow-through by hopping on the non-kicking foot.