Washing up!

one -cleaning your tools!

It is very important to clean your tools well.

First take off the excess clay and return it to the large buckets if it’s wet or the mixer if it’s good.

If it’s very dirty wash it in the large ‘buckets’ on the floor - they are rubbermaid trash cans with water and clay in them. We use them to recycle the clay.

One they are pretty clean wash them in the bucket in the sink until they are quite clean. Use a sponge. Rinse and squeeze the sponge out in the bucket only - you don’t need to put it under running water. It will be clean enough.

Every period the buckets in the sink need to be emptied in the ‘clay river’ in the back yard.

Two - clean your area

 your table, wheel, chair, what ever you got dirty. Use the sponges and buckets in the same way - no clay down the drain.

three - do you classroom job

Lastly - wash your hands and yourself.

Your hands need only to be washed last and once. After you have rinsed them in the bucket in the sink then wash them under running water with soap. make sure you don’t use a yard of paper towels! (Thanks)

Return to your clean place and wait for the end of class.

<3 Ms. H