Comic Book Podcast, Episode #029

You have dishonored Blue Lantern Temple!

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Alt3red Egos episode # 29: Green Lantern Show

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Background on the Blog of Oa and Podcast of Oa

Original Green Lantern Alan Scott created by Bill Finger & Martin Nodell, All-American Comics #16 (1940)

There has been a lot of buzz lately surrounding Alan Scott as DC Comics has decided to make the character homosexual in Earth 2 #2

John Broom and Gil Kane re envision Green Lantern as a member of an intergalactic police force known as the Green Lantern Corps in Showcase #22 (1959). The Green Lantern Corps was an intergalactic military/police force whose power is derived from the emotional spectrum and was created by the Guardians, a race of immortals residing on the planet Oa. Hal was a founding member of the Justice League of America.

To date, there are four Earth-based Green Lanterns: Harold "Hal" Jordan, Guy Gardner (created by Dennis O'Neil and Neal Adams), John Stewart (also from O'Neil and Adams) and Kyle Rayner (Ron Marz & Darryl Banks). *Apparently from the length of the discussion, Stewart is a very popular member of the corps.

Recent and Monumental Green Lantern Storylines: Rebirth, Blackest Night and Brightest Day.

Rebirth by Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver (2004-05), The "rebirth" of the Silver Age Green Lantern Hal Jordan as he overcomes fear itself in the form of the cosmic entity Parallax.

Blackest Night by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis (2009–2010).  Involves Nekron, a personified force of death resurrecting deceased superheroes and seeking to eliminate all life and emotion from the universe.

The year prior to Blackest Night, issues of Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps began to reveal the existance of the various Lantern Corps and the Emotional Spectrum. Johns spent a lot of time researching potential backgrounds the different corps.

Brightest Day a year-long maxi-series that began in April 2010 - which follows the ending of the series Blackest Night and how the aftermath of these events affect the entire DC Universe. This was basically nullified by the New 52.

*** Geekcast ***

Synopsis of Green Lantern family of titles from relaunch to current and discussion:

Green Lantern by Geoff Johns & Doug Mahnke

Sinestro is the Green Lantern and pulls Hal back into the superhero world

The Black Hand is freed from the Indigo Lanterns and dies ... but gets himself a Black Lantern Ring?

Green Lantern Favorites: Adam, Green Man, Isamot Kol

Green Lantern Corps Peter Tomasi, Fernando Pasarin & Scott Hana

The events of the first story arc with the attack of the Keepers leading to John's killing of Green Lantern Krrt is very convenient.

Guardians are manipulating Guy as well buying giving him a new position of power. Are the Guardians really altruistic? Was the Green Lanten Corps created to make up for Krona's sin or is it a matter of history being written by the victors?

Blue Beetle by Tony Bedard & Marcio Takara

This issue had a lot of nice story threads dropped in that will make a big impact down the road.

Green Lantern: New Guardians by Tony Bedard, Tyler Kirkham & Batt

Saint Walker = Pimp Mack Daddy!

All the titles are doing a good job at fleshing out the other Corps and showing there are substantial characters available.

Green Lantern titles really benefited from not having to start from scratch following the New 52 relaunches.

According to Myron, Tyler Kirkman is leaving the title following the Zero Month event in September as per Twitter.

Red Lanterns by Peter Milligan & Anothony Sepulveda

Milligan has the roughest go of it trying to bring life into mindless drones with anger management issues.

It was nice to see a Red Latern capable of creating constructs with their rings

Maybe this should have been anthology book that had different corps rotating in and out.

What is up next for DC and Green Lantern?

Who is the First Lantern? Rori Dag? Avra? Mysterious person in chains from Green Lantern #62?

What is the Third Army?

Who is the New Green Lantern on the cover of Green Lantern #0 solicited for September.

What do we think about the #0 covers?

"Becoming Less of a Man for your Heroes" weight loss challenge.

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