What you need:

White DK yarn

3.75mm DP needles

Blunt darning needle

Scrap black yarn



Fingering weight grey or black yarn

2.5mm DP needles or any very small DPs

3mm crochet hook

Two coins approx. 3cm diameter


Abbreviation are standard and can be found on websites such as link.

Every part of Dogbert is knit in the round except his ears.

Gauge is unimportant, if you’re not using DK yarn just use needles that will give a tight fabric.


Cast on 6stitches

Round1: Inc in each st (12st)

R2: *kfb, k1* repeat to end (18st)

R3: *kfb, k2* repeat to end (24st)

R4: *kfb, k3* repeat to end (30st)

R5: *kfb, k4* repeat to end (36st)

R6: *kfb, k5* repeat to end (42st)

R7: *kfb, k6* repeat to end (48st)

R8-10: knit round

R11: *kfb, k7* repeat to end (54st)

Knit 18 rounds straight

R29: *K2tog, k7* repeat to end (48st)

Knit 12 rounds straight

R41: *K2tog, k6* repeat to end (42st)

R42: *K2tog, k5* repeat (36st)

R43: *K2tog, k4* repeat (30st)

At this point you should sew up the CO edge and stuff most of the body.

R44: *K2tog, k3* repeat (24st)

R45: *K2tog, k2* repeat (18st)

R46: *K2tog, k1* repeat (12st)

R47: *K2tog*  repeat (6st)

Complete stuffing the body. You may need to use a pencil or needle end to push the stuffing in.

Cut a long tail and thread through darning needle. Thread through the remaining stitches and pull tight. This is the top of Dogbert’s head.

Legs (make two)


1: *kfb* repeat (14st)

2: knit round

3: *kfb, k1* (21st)

4: knit round

5: purl round

6-9: knit round

10: *k2tog, k5* (18st)

11-13: knit round

14: *k2tog, k1* (12st)

Knit 10 rounds

Next round: *kfb, k1* (18st)

BO leaving a long tail for sewing

Arms (make two)

CO 6

1: knit round

2: *kfb* (12st)

3: knit round

4: *kfb, k1* (18st)

Knit 2 rounds

7: k1, make bobble, k to end

[Make Bobble: knit into the front, back, front, back, front of 1 stitch. Turn work, purl the five stitches. Turn work, K2tog, K2tog, k1, lift the first two stitches (K2tog) over the last stitch. 1stitch left.]

8: knit round

9: *K2tog, k4* (15st)

10: knit round

11: *K2tog, k1, k2tog* (9st)

Knit 6 rounds

BO leaving long tail for sewing

Ears (make 2)

CO 12

1: knit

2: purl

3: k2, kfb, knit to last 3st, kfb, k2 (14st)

Work 5rows in stocking stitch

9: k2, ssk2tog, k to last 4st, k2tog, k2

Work 3rows in stocking stitch

13: repeat row 9

14: purl

15: repeat row 9

16: BO knitwise, leave long tail for sewing


CO 12

1: Knit round

2: *k2tog, k2*

3-4: knit round

5: *k2tog, k1*

6-7: knit round

8: *k2tog*

Put all 3st on one needle, work as i-cord

9-11: knit

12: k2tog, slip stitch back to left needle, k2tog, tie off

Making Up

Place ears at equal distances either side of the centre of Dogbert's head, about 3cm out. Allow the edges of the ear to curl in and sew BO edge to head. I stitched down about 1cm either side to prevent the ears springing up, but it still allows them to be positioned up for that angry Dogbert look.

Stuff the hands and very lightly stuff the arms. Place the arms directly below the ears and stitch in place.

If you want your Dogbert to stand, find a couple of coins that fit in the bottom of his foot. I used the old Irish 10pence coin. Then stuff his legs firmly. Place the legs side by side and sew in place.

Lightly stuff tail and sew in place.

Dogbert's Face

If you don't have appropriate yarn, or can't crochet, his glasses and nose can be embroidered with black yarn.


Before knitting his glasses draw them on his face with chalk or a soft pencil.

Using the light grey yarn and small DPs, CO 3stitches an work an i-cord. Check the length of your i-cord against your drawn glasses. I started the glasses at the outer edge of the lens, then down, towards the centre, the top and out under his ears. Repeat a second i-cord for the other side of his glasses.

Note: I used the fingering weight grey yarn and very thin needles so that the cord wouldn’t be too thick and overpowering. A tight crochet chain in DK would also work.

Nose: (crocheted)

With the 3mm crochet hook and the scrap yarn, make a magic loop with 6sc.

Make 2sc in each st around (12 st)

Join and tie off leaving a long tail for sewing.