2010 Edina Girl Scout Book Drive

  1. What is the date of the 2010 Edina Girl Scout Book Drive?
  1. There are two parts to the answer.
    On October 2
    nd, Edina girl scouts will distribute collection bags.
    On October 9
    th, Edina girl scouts will collect filled bags of books and then help in the processing of books.
  1. Which troops will be participating in the Book Drive?
  1. Daisies, Brownies and Juniors will be collecting books throughout Edina.
    Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors will be performing leadership roles.
  1. How do I sign up to participate in the Book Drive?
  1. Go to www.girlscoutsedina.org and click on the Day of Service.
  1. Can I collect books on my own street?
  1. Each troop will be assigned a collection area. Part of this service event is to learn and explore neighborhoods throughout Edina.
  1. How will I find out where my troop should collect books?
  1. All information about the Book Drive can be found on the website – http://www.girlscoutsedina.org/events/day-of-service.
  1. Are there any other Girl Scout service projects on October 9th - the Edina Day of Service?
  1. No. The Book Drive is a Service Unit project. All Edina Girl Scouts are participating.
  1. What time are the collection bags distributed on October 2nd?
  1. Each troop will determine the exact time for distributing bags. However, bags may not be distributed before 9am or after 5pm.
  1. What time will scouts collect filled bags of books on October 9th?
  1. Scouts may begin collected filled bags of books at 9am. Scouts must complete collecting books by 3pm.
  1. Where is the collection site?
  1. All books will be collected and processed at the Edina Community Center gym.
  1.  After we finish collecting books and drop them off at the ECC, what happens to them?
  1. Working in cooperation with Normandale students, all Edina Girl Scouts will participate in the cleaning, sorting, processing and packing of the donated books.
  1. Where do we go after we are finished collecting books?
  1. After making your final book drop at the ECC, scouts should report to the Scout Check-in Table in the ECC Gym Foyer. You will be sent to a station where you will be shown what to do.
  1. How long can we work at the ECC?
  1. Scouts will participate in the cleaning, sorting and packing of books at the ECC until 5 PM.
  1. What if I still have questions?
  1. On the Book Drive web page click on the “Submit a Book Drive Question” link, fill out the form and we’ll get you an answer within 24 hours by email and add your question to this FAQ.
  1. When will the Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors get information about their leadership roles?
  1. There will be an organizing meeting for older scouts on Tuesday, September 21st at in the Fellowship Hall of Calvary Lutheran Church, 5701 Normandale Road, Edina, MN 55424. Middle school scouts should come at
    3 p.m. and high school scouts should be there by 4 p.m. The church is the same one where the leaders meet so scouts at Valley View and EHS can walk there. Southview scouts should arrange rides or, perhaps, take the Activity Bus to Valley View and then walk to the church.
  1. Is there anything scouts should do to prepare for the Book Drive?
  1. YES!!! Collect paper grocery bags with handles. Also, Leaders received a handout on possible troop activities to get scouts mentally engaged.