Love in Comics

Comics and Pop Art Track – Hanover F - Hyatt

Charles Klayman

"Androids and Humans: An American Love Style"

Matthew J. Brown

        “Wonder Woman in Love”

Chair: Stephanie Noell, UNT


Contextual Interpretation of Anime/Manga

Anime/Manga Track – Courtland - Hyatt

Brent Allison,

"Rumiko Takahashi: Interviews in Context"

Commenter: Jonathan Flowers

Chair: Drew Berkowitz


Modern Mythmakers

Comics and Pop Art Track – Hanover F - Hyatt

Ruth Caillouet

"Buffy Summers - Hero or Harlot?"

Antoinette Miller

"Monomyth, Mutants, and X-Men"

E. Joe Johnson

"The Louvre as Myth in French Graphic Novels"

Chair: Alexander Hall


Truth, Fiction, and Representation in Comics

Comics and Pop Art Track – Hanover F - Hyatt

Ross Hardy, "The Fact Is, Seeing Is Not Believing: The Breakdown Between the Word and the Real in Grant Morrison's 'Flex Mentallo.'"

Curtis Forbes

"Science and Fiction: De-idealizing Representations"

Chair: Matthew J. Brown, UT Dallas


The Politics of Comics

Comics and Pop Art Track – Hanover F - Hyatt

Ed Salo, "More American than Superman: Green Lantern as a symbol of American political thought from the New Deal to the 1970s"

Theresa Fine-Pawsey

"Incognegro and the Legacy of Lynching"

Joshua Hall

"Differential Surface: Deleuze and the Comic Book"

Chair: Pablo Gonzalez

08:30 pm

Sociocultural Readings of X-Files & Fringe

X-Track – M106-M107 - Marriott

Dennis LoRusso, "We are the Observers: Inter-dimensionality as a Representation of Global Society in Fringe"

Rebekah Spera,

"Deny Everything: The X Files, Fringe, and the Changing Cultural Imagination"

Chair: Damien Williams


Using Fan Fiction in the Classroom

SF/Fantasy Lit Track – Fairlie - Hyatt

Drew Berkowitz, "What the Public Really Thinks about using Fan Fiction in the K-12 Classroom: An Approach using Critical Discourse Analysis"

Commenter: Brent Allison

Chair: R. Scott Nokes



Religious & Philosophical Themes in Anime/Manga

Anime/Manga Track – Courtland - Hyatt

John Flowers

"Weaponized Buddhism: Buddhist Thought in the Mobile Suit Gundam Metaverse"

Commenter: Damien Williams

Chair: Alex Johnson


Roundtable: Comics in the Classroom

Comics and Pop Art Track – Hanover F - Hyatt

Moderator: Stephanie Noell

"Multiple Literacies for Learning Environments: Comics in Education"

Alex Johnson, "Superman in the Classroom: A Proposal for Teaching Comic Books as American Mythology"

Special Guest: Andy Runton, creator of Owly


Roundtable: Time Lord Ethics: The Doctor as Meddler

British Media Track – Macon - Sheraton

Antoinette Miller

Erica J. Gannon, Ph.D.

Mike Martin, Ph.D.

Chair: Dennis LoRusso


Critical Studies of the Other in Comics

Comics and Pop Art Track – Hanover F - Hyatt

Bonnie Robinson - in abstentia, "Erasing the 'Other' in Graphic Novel Classics: FRANKENSTEIN, JANE EYRE, and DRACULA."

Commenter: Allie Marini

Chair: Theresa Fine-Pawsey, Durham Tech


Comics, Narrative, and Structure

Comics and Pop Art Track – Hanover F - Hyatt

Pablo Gonzalez, "The voices of cold war: unconventional narrators in Alan Moore’s and Dave Gibbons’ ‘Watchmen’"

Daniel Murphy, "Moving Through Story Space and "Believing a Man Can Fly": Media Specific Ontologies and the Ideological Culmination of Superman"

Chair: Matthew J. Brown



Under the Mask: Superhero Identity

Comics and Pop Art Track – Hanover F - Hyatt

Daniel Amrhein, "The Cape and Mask: An Analytic Look at the Symbolism and Iconography of Real-life Superheroes"

Chair: Matthew J. Brown


Artificial Intelligence & Human Enhancement

American SF Media – A704 - Marriott, Atrium Lvl.

Katherine Bryant

"Is a ‘Lieutenant Commander Data’ in our future?"

Damien Williams, "Strange Things Happen at the One Two Point: The Implications of Cybernetics & Human Enhancement in SF Media"

Chair: R. Scott Nokes


Comics and Feminism

Comics and Pop Art Track – Hanover F - Hyatt

Brian Ladd

"Female Characterization on the Covers of Super Hero Team Comics"

Chair: Vickie Willis, GSU


Comics and Philosophy

Comics and Pop Art Track – Hanover F - Hyatt

Christopher Belanger, "Counterfactual Cognition and Ethical Dilemmas: Lessons from Duncan The Wonder Dog"

Francisco Veloso

"Social Semiotics and the Study of Comic Books"

Chair: Matthew J. Brown



Arkham Asylum: Adaptation from Comic Books to Video Games

Comics and Pop Art Track – Hanover F - Hyatt

Kari Storla, "The Greatest Superhero (Video Game) of All Time: Examining Successful Adaptations from Comic Books to Video Games through Batman: Arkham Asylum"

Chair: Matthew J. Brown, UT Dallas


Sociopolitical Theory of the Whedonverse

Whedon Universe Track - International DE - Westin 6th floor

Clancy Smith

"Can’t Stop the Signal: Firefly and Critical Theory on the Raggedy Edge

Andrea Mayo

"Working in the Graveyard for the Public Good: The Slayer as Street-Level Bureaucrat"

Chair: Kim Knight, UT Dallas