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Instagram varies and it is specialized within diverse categories

“focusing on customization”

<fast, instantly upload photos and share with friends>

series of pictures are equal to momentary stories of one’s life.

easy to make photos beautiful and tag photos on your sites.

easy to print and make an album fast through portable mobile phone

reduce time efforts to create personal archive of photos

the more users’ actions of using -> the better of becoming amateur, & professional photographers -> self learning and teaching -> Using Instagram, it develops phone, taking photos, to be habituated behaviors; taking photos has leverage effects on quantification and qualification of user's independent photo archives within Instagram system.  

archive of users’ momentary story tellings are the output. Rely on the structure and system of storing photos and developing photo stocks to be more interesting and beautiful.

Developing a local market : such as print shops, or print- online service.=> those are connecting to Instagram that friendly introduces to users for easy printing out & instant shipping service

:: potential function of differentiation between a basic & advance search

 an auto-scrapper after photo is taken (ie, system automatically pulls type of camera, dimensions, size, color algorithm, etc)

:: what if we bring the mobile app like the option to choose types of digital cameras to Instagram::

:: what if each archival photos can be sorted by time, area zone, theme, or interesting points. categorized in specific topics.

:: what if archival photos and stories are randomly chosen by a clicking button that can be deliverable to someone else with their attachment, like rolling paper.

:: what if archival photos that saved in some separate folders(like booklets) are track-able by someone-else’s contributions with same criteria tags.