Adding a YouTube Video

In this document you will learn about:

Search for a YouTube Video

Reviewing the Search Results

Adding YouTube Video to the Content Area

It is possible to search for and then embed a YouTube video in any content area or folder.  You can add your own description and even attach related files to the video.  

Search for a YouTube Video

  1. Access the content area where you want the video to appear.

  1. Hover over Build Content.

  1. Choose Mashups > YouTube Video.

  1. Type appropriate search terms into the Search field  (Tip:  If you know the video you are looking for, simply search for the video title).

  1. Click Go to view search results.

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Reviewing the Search Results

A broad search will bring up a wide variety of videos.  

Sorting Options - use these options to adjust what order the search results are listed in.

  • Video Information – includes Title, Length, Date Added, Rating, Views, URL, and Description.

  • Preview – click to watch the video in it’s entirety (you will not leave the page).

  • Select – click to add the video to the content area.

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Adding YouTube Video to the Content Area

Once you have selected a YouTube video, you will need to finalize a few more options.

  1. Add YouTube Content to Course – You may change the name and name color of the video, as well as add your own description using the text editor.


  1. Mashup Options – These options change what information is displayed and how the video is presented.

  1. Attachments Additional files (articles, pictures, etc.) can be attached to the video post by either browsing your local computer or your Content Collection.  

  1. Options – User view and restrictions options.

  1. Submit – Click Submit to complete the process.  You may also choose Preview to see how the video will look before posting.


  1. Successful embedding of a YouTube video – Your video should look something like this (may look different depending on display options chosen):

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