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Correct, abortion clinics do not qualify for public funding in Texas. During the regular and special sessions of the 82nd Legislature, HB 1 and SB7 prioritized state available funding to public entities that provide family planning services and to non-public entities that provide comprehensive primary and preventative care. Planned Parenthood - a private entity that has affiliations with abortion providers - does not provide comprehensive primary care, and is not eligible for this priority funding. In his statement, Gov. Perry was referring to the 12 Planned Parenthood facilities, which are either an abortion provider or an affiliate,  that have shut down across Texas since the passage of HB1 and SB7 this summer.


As a side, found this link reporting the 12 facilities that closed: http://nation.foxnews.com/abortion/2011/11/07/planned-parenthood-closes-12-clinics-after-texas-de-funding



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