Education Working Group - Select Links to informative reading

What Do We Deserve? | The Humanist: (very powerful diagram of household income)

Corporate Power and Today’s Humanist | The Humanist:

The 99% Releases Our Own Deficit Committee Report

Here are the proposals based on evidence and popular opinion that are ignored on Capitol Hill.


You have to scroll down more than halfway to the "Growth of Family Income" chart.  There are lots of other great charts in that sequence, and there are other sets of "slides" too on the website:


One of my favorite blogs, has some excellent charts

in the resource section, such as "The only chart you need on the

debt". To find the resource section, scroll down the middle column

past "Help the Hamsters", "The 12 Word Platform, etc." The MMT primer

there in the resource section is also good and I would also very much

like to introduce people to the ideas of MMT. It changed my whole

perspective on government spending.

Another chart I like is of federal discretionary spending 


Here are links to our California Federation of Teachers-produced educational materials about the 1946 Oakland General Strike, of special relevance to the "Day of Action" in Oakland. Note:  The video and its accompanying lesson plans are California Department of Education-approved supplemental curriculum materials for 11th grade history. 

Great list of resources: 


Understanding the Occupy Movement: Perspectives from the Social Sciences

This forum is designed to bring together  essays, critical commentary, and eventually research of social scientists on the Occupy Movement.