Advisory Board Minutes

Meeting October 6th, 2016 at Hamline Elementary

Attendance: Nancy Vang, Jodie Wilson, Frank Shaw, Kayla Markgraf, Carol Schjei, Kristin Reilly, Liz Casperson, Alan Sickbert, Nur Mood, Jordan Schiffler, Morgan Fox, Kathie Struve, Sayonita Ghoshhajra, Karen McCauley

  1. Welcome

  1. Introductions of Advisory Board Members - We welcome new members for the academic year, please share with your colleagues and respective departments or nominate members.

  1. Updates of the Collaboration
  1. Hamline University
  1. New Collaboration Room in Hamline Elementary - Room 1405, next to Reading Partners in the Learning Center. Shared space with tutors, Snelling Connection, Hand in Hand, and of course Jodie!
  2. Tutoring - With federal work-study cuts, we’ve been restricted to hiring only 55 tutors during the academic year. This year we’ve partnered with Reading Partners in our tutoring program. Tutors now provide in-classroom support and one-on-one support to a student. It’s been challenging working out the logistics of our collaborative programming, but we are confident that our work together will best support students and the needs of Hamline Elementary.
  3. Hand in Hand - President Jordan Schiffler now serves elementary hours in the Collaboration room with the mission to strengthen our relationship and communication with buddies and HE staff and teachers. Journals are coming back with weekly prompts for buddies to work on together and build connections. She leads her executive board of leaders in planning programs and activities for Hand in Hand.
  4. Snelling Connection - Travis and new co-editor, Kiana leads. Meets Mondays and Wednesdays 1:15pm-2pm under Jodie’s supervision in the Collaboration room. Will be serving 12 4th-5th grade students nominated from their teachers with strengths in writing. Board members have suggested taking a few 3rd grade students in gifted and talented.
  5. Mini-grants are officially open. Application is available on the Hamline to Hamline Portal!
  6. More updates - Summer transitions and office moves. Dean of Student Affairs now in West Hall (old Law School building). Program reviews of the College of Liberal Arts. School of Education is now under the CLA once again. Homecoming week for the university!
  1. Hamline Elementary
  1. Fall Festival - it was great! Much bigger turnout from the community with families from other schools. Hamline University donated $1500 that helped cover costs of musicians and entertainers! Kayla was able to represent the university at the table and had trivia and Hamline swag prizes.
  2. Enrollment is on-going, especially as we think about next year when we have the entire building. Focus on kindergarten/pre-K for recruitment as families most likely stay.
  3. Plans for next year 2017-2018 - add 1 more pre-K, possibly 3 classes per grade level. More updates to come.
  4. Social Media - new Facebook page “Discover Hamline Elementary”, please see Jessica Kopp for postings and more info.

  1. Academic Pairings
  1. Frank Shaw to comment on a faculty member, Bill Wallace’s comment about “being a burden on teachers” with many programs and opportunities through the Collaboration and impact on School of Education clinicals. Concerns are that HE teachers feel stressed or burdened from too much responsibilities in academic pairings, tutors, and clinical students.
  1. Teachers Casperson and Schjei share that it’s no burden so long as all communication is clear. We feel this is more with School of Education placements and not our established programs like tutoring and pairings.
  2. Jodie works with Dana Coleman from School of Ed and assists with placements at HE. Has communicated that we don’t want to put too many students in one class (tutors and clinical students).
  1. Would like to have plans underway and started up in the fall, not rushed during spring semester. Will continue with our Academic pairing goals.

  1. Goals for the Year 2016-2017
  1. Discuss and strategize ways we can provide a gifted and talented opportunity for gifted and talented students.
  2. Outreach and Promotion internship opportunities that Hamline University students can help out with as Hamline Elementary is changing next year.
  3. Strengthen community relationships and visibility

Advisory Board Minutes

Meeting May, 21st 2016 at Hamline University

Attendance:  Diane Smith, Nancy Vang, Carol Schjel, Liz Casperson, Mr.K, Maggie Knorr,  Jessica Kopp, Frank Shaw, Kathy Struve, Pete McCulley, Maggie Knorr, Lauren, Alan Sickbert, Nur Mood, John Schumock, Kristen Reilly and Kathy Stuve

Follow-Up for Hike for the Health:

Updates at Hamline University:

Hamline Elementary

End of the Year Highlights

Plans for Next Fall 2016-2017 -

Advisory Board Minutes

Meeting April, 21st 2016 at Hamline University

Attendance:  Diane Smith, Nancy Vang, Kristen Reilly, Elizabeth Srigley, Rhonda Simonson, Carol Schjei, Liz Casperson, Mr.K, Maggie Knorr,  Jessica Kopp, Frank Shaw, Pete McCulley, Maggie Knorr, Lauren, Alan Sickbert, Nur Mood, and Kathy Stuve

Updates at Hamline University:

                - Official present at cross-walk

                     - HU Radio will be present at the Hike

                - WCCO Presence at the Hike - Parent Involvement is needed

                - Activity Rotaions

      - Hamline to Hamline Collaboration Scholarship Fund

                      - Ying Vang

                - We should be involved in the selection process of recipient

Hand in Hand, new President - Jordan Schiffler

        - Last LGE on Tuesday, April 26th at 11:30am-12:30pm

                - Bush Ballroom (T-shirts, Activity stations, photo booth, pizza)

                - Contact teachers about the Large Group Event

                - Buddies able to email each other and always copy teachers


Snelling Connections, Co-editor - Kiana Verdugo


- Pairings - Nancy, Frank

        - Mock Trial - Tuesday, March 29th, 2016

                - Worked well with new changes

                - Students got to watch a Mock trial by actual Hamline University students

                - Follow up with Kelly Rodgers next Friday

         - Mathematics with 3rd grade - this week

        - Biology with 2nd grade - ongoing

        - Money Revolutions with 2nd grade - this Friday & Fridays until May 6th

                -Approval of Mini Grant  -  tomorrow

        - 4th & 5th grade Swimming program - Last Day May 3rd and 4th grade

        - 4th grade Football Day - Thursday, May 12th at 11:30am - 12:30pm

        - Kindergarten Campus Tour - Friday, May 13th at 1:00pm - 2:30pm


 - Tutoring - Maggie

        - Last Days of Tutoring - Sending out form to gather that form - but should be May 12th or 13th

        - End of the year Evaluations from tutors and teachers

        - Tutor Appreciation in the first week of May

        - Something for tutors to wear at Commencement

Hamline Elementary

HTCH Strategic Meeting Plans

Last Advisory Board Meeting in May - Anderson 304


Meeting March, 2016 at Hamline University

Attendance: Jodie Wilson, Diane Smith, Nancy Vang, Kristen Reilly, Elizabeth Srigley, Rhonda Simonson, Carol Schjei, Liz Casperson, Mr.K, Jessica Kopp, Frank Shaw, Maggie Knorr, Alan Sickbert, Nur Mood, and Kathy Stuve

Hamline University


Snelling Connections - Interviews!!!!

Tutors - New LEAD Tutor

Hand and Hand - New paid position for the president

President Miller Spring Tour at Hamline Elementary - YAY!!!!!!!!!!

Hamline Elementary:

Community School Status - Guaranteed 2 kindergartens  

Hike for Health - Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016 from 11:30am - 12:30pm

Hamline to Hamline Collaboration Retreat - Potential Date: Thursday, May 19th, 2016

Advisory Board Minutes

Meeting February 4th, 2016 at Hamline University

Attendance: Jodie Wilson, Diane Smith, Nancy Vang, Kristen Reilly, Elizabeth Srigley, Rhonda Simonson, Carol Schjei, Liz Casperson, Mr.K, Jessica Kopp, Frank Shaw, Maggie Knorr, Bobbi Johnson, Kathy Struve, Jordan

Hamline University

Elementary Updates

- Involving more community partners and parents

- On the field

- Water bottles?? Wellness Group

- Piper there?

Collaboration Advisory Board Minutes

Meeting December 10th, 2015 at Hamline University

Attendance: Jodie Wilson, Diane Smith, Nancy Vang, Lauren Kavan, Elizabeth Srigley, Rhonda Simonson, Carol Schjei, Liz Casperson, Kathy Struve and Jessica Kopp, Frank Shaw, Maggie Knorr

Hamline University

                        - No Billboards

                        - Social Media and Websites

                        - Maybe lawn signs

                        - Statistics on how the collaboration is working

Hand and Hand Large Event: 34 pairs of buddies it was held in the HUB

Snelling Connection:

New Lead Tutor - Rehire for a new leader tutor

President Miller and Alan Sickbert were happy to be apart of the video for Hamline Elementary

Updates from Elementary:

        New Pairing - Chemistry - With Bonnie Laabs

        Theater Pairing -- Working on it!!

        PTA - Music Pairings???

Jessica - Hamline Midway Community Schools:


Academic Pairings:

Mini Grants:

Collaboration Advisory Board Minutes

November 5, 2015 at Hamline Elementary

Attendance: Jodie Wilson, Diane Smith, Nancy Vang, Maggie Knorr, Bobbie Johnson, Darrien Smith, Lauren Kavan, Pete McCauley, Nur Mood, Elizabeth Srigley, Rhonda Simonson, Carol Schjei, Kristen Reilly, Liz Casperson, Grace Herden, Kathy Struve and Jessica Kopp, Alan Sickbert, Frank Shaw,

Hamline University

Hamline Elementary

**Next Advisory Meeting: Thursday, December 10th at HU Anderson 111**

Collaboration Advisory Board Minutes

Meeting October 1, 2015 at Hamline University

Attendance: Jodie Wilson, Diane Smith, Kayla Markgraf, Nancy Vang, Maggie Knorr, Bobbie Johnson, Travis Whitt, Lauren Kavan, Pete McCulley, Nur Mood,  Elizabeth Srigley, Rhonda Simonson, Carol Schjei, Kristen Reilly, Liz Casperson, Grace Herden, Kathy Struve and Jessica Kopp

Updates of the Collaboration:

Hamline University - Frank Shaw

        Tutoring - Maggie Knorr

        Mini-Grants - Nancy

New President!!!!!!

        Meeting with Margo and Nancy about Collaboration!!

Hamline Elementary - Bobbie Johnson

October 12th - Giving away 120 PC’s  to the Hamline community!!! (Has been shared on Facebook!)


Collaboration Advisory Board Minutes

Meeting May 12, 2015

Attendance: Jodie Wilson, Diane Smith, Craig Johnson, Carol Schjel, Darrian Smith, Amber Todd, Elizabeth Srigley, Travis Witt, Margo Howard, Nur Mood, Kathy Struve, Frank Shaw, Rhonda Simonson, Megan Gjere, Xeng Jasiczek, Elizabeth Srigley, Barb Hyvild, and Carrie Osman

3:30 Meeting begins - Introductions (Margo)

Updates from Hamline Elementary (Craig/Jodie)

University Updates (Frank)

General Updates

Hiring Process


Reading Partners

PTO Meeting

Moving Time


Collaboration Advisory Board Minutes

Meeting April 23, 2015

Attendance: Bob Lein, Jodie Wilson, Diane Smith, Craig Johnson, Carol Schjel, Darrian Smith, Amber Todd, Maggie Blackmon, Elizabeth Srigley, Travis Witt, Margo Howard, Nur Mood, Kathy Struve, Mary Snider, Frank Shaw, Rhonda Simonson, and Megan Gjere

3:30 Meeting begins - Introductions (Maggie)

Updates from Hamline Elementary (Craig/Jodie):

Updates from Hamline University: (Frank Shaw)


Hike for Health of the Hamline to Hamline Collaboration: May 5th 11:30 -12:30

Meeting March 10th, 2015

Attendance: Rhonda Simonson, Elizabeth Srigley, Jodie Wilson, Kayla Markgraf, Meghan Baldwin, Margot Howard, Maggie Blackmon, Mary, Amber Todd, Zing,Kathy, Frank, Craig Anderson, Carol, Gary Warr, and Pete MuCulley

3:31 Meeting begins - Introductions (Maggie)

Updates from Hamline Elementary (Craig/Jodie):

Updates from Hamline University:

Pairings (Jodie):

MIni Grant:

HU Admission Meeting Update (Margot):

Hike Update (Maggie): May 5th

Awards (Maggie):


Meeting February 17th, 2015

Attendance: Margot Howard, Maggie Blackmon, Carrie Ommen, Merry Snyder,

Opening: Leadership transitions, welcoming Frank Shaw as the new University Liaison and Maggie as the new Coordinator.


Mini Grants

Spring Semester Pairings



Meeting November 11th, 2014

Attendance: Margot Howard, Craig Anderson, Jodie Wilson, Maggie Blackmon, Jennifer Hamilton, Maggie Knorr, Frank Shaw, Rhonda Simonson, Amber Todd, Elizabeth Srigley, Letitia Basford, Kathy Struve, Diane Smith, Xeng Jasiczek, Megan Gjere.

Opening: Thanks Letitia! Last Advisory Board meeting with Letitia as the University Liaison. All thank her for the time and dedication she has put into the Collaboration.


Mini Grants:

Meeting October 21st, 2014

Attendance: Margot Howard, Craig Anderson, Jodie Wilson, Maggie Blackmon, Jennifer Hamilton, Maggie Knorr, Frank Shaw, Rhonda Simonson, Amber Todd, Gary Gabor, Elizabeth Srigley, Letitia Basford.



Meeting September 16th, 2014

Attendance: Margot Howard, Jennifer Hamilton, Maggie Blackmon, Frank Shaw, Carol Schjei, Rhonda Simonson, Amber Todd, Letitia Basford, Maggie Knorr, Jodie Wilson, Craig Anderson, Kathy Struve, Elizabeth Srigley, Xeng Jasiczek, Megan Gjere, Gary Gabor, Lorraine Omley


Overview of the Collaboration

1. Structure

2.Academic Pairings

3.Hand in Hand

4.Snelling Connection


6.Mini Grants

7.Annual Fundraiser

Updates Elementary

Updates University

Updates Collaboration


Advisory Board Meetings

Mini Grants--Brainstorming!

Ideas for 3rd Grade Pairing

 Meeting April 16th, 2014

Attendance: Margot Howard, Mia Jackman, Carol Schjei, Rhonda Simonson, Isaac Mullin, Letitia Basford, Jennifer Hamilton, Maggie Knorr, Jodie Wilson, Craig Anderson, Kathy Struve, Elizabeth Srigley


Updates from the elementary

Updates from the University

Other Business

Hamline to Hamline Collaboration Hike for the Health

Meeting February 19th, 2014


·         Margot Howard                    (Coordinator for H-H Collaboration)

·         Letitia Basford                      (Hamline University Faculty Liaison)

·         Jodie Wilson                         (Hamline Elementary Faculty Liaison)

·         Craig Anderson                     (HE Principal)

·         Maggie Knorr                        (LEAD Tutor)

·         Mia Jackman                         (Hand in Hand President)

·         Isaac Mullin                          (Snelling Connection Co-Editor)

·         Darrian Smith                        (Snelling Connection Co-Editor)

·         Jen Hamilton                         (Assistant to H-H Collaboration)

·         Maggie Blackman                 (Wesley Center)

·         Rhonda Simonson                 (Kindergarten)

·         Carol Schjei                           (Kindergarten)

·         Carol Woodbury                   (Second Grade)

·         Frank Shaw                           (HU – Math)

·         Brooke Brown                      (HU student)



1.          Updates

a.           Elementary

                                                              i.      Music performances scheduled for the spring

1.          Yiddish song and dance

                                                            ii.      Open house for enrollment

1.          Strong PTO à held an event

2.          Rumor:  39 signed up for kindergarten à very sound

3.          Also Chinese immersion

                                                          iii.      Read-A-Thon fundraiser by PTO

1.          Some funds go back to classrooms

2.          Artists, musicians à expand on what we have now

                                                          iv.      Union talks for Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS)

1.          Contracts, etc.

2.          Monday, February 24 à vote

3.          For the most part, students and parents are unaware; those who ARE aware are supportive

a.           Small class sizes; more special ed and art programs; nurses; etc.

                                                            v.      Graduation rates in SPPS higher than ever

1.          Closing graduation gap

                                                          vi.      Conferences are coming up

1.          Teachers are working hard à Thanks for all that you do! J

                                                        vii.      Continuation of Strong Schools, Strong Communities

b.          University

                                                              i.      Achievement Gap Panel (K-12 educators)

1.          Craig Anderson on panel

2.          Mia and other students working hard

3.          Monday, February 24; 5:00 – 7:30 PM; KLAS ballroom; food; RSVP

                                                            ii.      Spring semester

1.          Classes in full swing

                                                          iii.      Catalyst trips coming up over spring break

1.          San Francisco à Jen

2.          New Orleans à Mia

3.          Washington, D.C. à Margot

                                                          iv.      Alfie Kohn at Macalester

1.          Open to public

2.          Thursday, February 20; 4:45 PM; Macalester’s Alexander Hall Ballroom

2.          Tutor Training (Jodie)

a.           Tutors are doing well, and seem to be thriving in classrooms.

b.          Trying to get teachers’ feedback à What specific programs should tutors know? What skills?

c.           Loyalty to teachers?

d.          Kindergarten à video à letter chant

                                                              i.      Key apps that tutors should know

                                                            ii.      Training in groups?

e.           Tutor trainings à time for tutors & teachers to meet, visit, walk through, etc.

f.           For math, videos and some face-to-face

g.          Behavior intervention programs à more in depth, tools

                                                              i.      Issues of power

                                                            ii.      Possibly video; long term; future tutors

3.          By-Laws (Margot)

a.           All changes pass!

4.          Hike for Health (Letitia)

a.           Spring event à May 6 at 11:30 (Convo Hour)

b.          Structure

                                                              i.      Music à first & second graders

                                                            ii.      T-shirts will be ordered

                                                          iii.      Lunch à brown bags

                                                          iv.      Song à go elementary teachers

                                                            v.      Brainstorm over next month, before meeting; fundraising

5.          Snelling Connection

a.           New issue out!

6.          Hand-in-Hand

a.           Good

b.          Next event:  March 6, lunch in Anderson

7.          Upcoming Events

a.           Mock trial à fifth grade

                                                              i.      Monday/Tuesday next week à trials

b.          K & 5th grade tours

c.           1st & 2nd grade music programs

Meeting November 20th, 2013

Attendance: Jennifer Hamilton, Margot Howard, Letitia Basford, Darrian Smith, Isaac Mulin, Maggie Knorr, Jodie Wilson, Brooke Brown, Mia Jackman, Frank Shaw, Ken Takata, Rhonda Simonson, Carol Schjei, Elizabeth Srigley, Kathy Struve, Julie Fitzgerald, Gwen Larson, Jane Hodale, Craig Anderson

Updates:  University

Updates:  Elementary

Updates:  Hand in Hand

Updates: The Collaboration

Meeting October 16th, 2013

Attendance: Margot Howard, Jennifer Hamilton, Allison Theisson, Letitia Basford, Brooke Brown, Isaac Mullin, Frank Shaw, Ken Takata, Rhonda Simonson, Kathy Struve, Craig Anderson, Maggie Knorr, Mia Jackman, Carol Scheji

Updates: Elementary

Updates: University

Updates: Collaboration

Hand in Hand

 Possible Future Collaborations

 Tutoring (paid, academic work)

H-H Collaboration T-Shirts are $15!!!!


Meeting September 18th, 2013

Attendance: Maggie Knorr, Margot Howard, Letitia Basford, Isaac Mullin, Brooke Brown, Jennifer Hamilton, Frank Shaw, Allison Theissen, Kathy Struve, Nancy Victorin-Vangerud, Rhonda Simonson, Carol Scheji, Craig Anderson


Collaborative updates

Mission/Vision/Info Sheet


Tutor Training

Other Concerns and Requests of the Hamlines

Beautifying Hamline Elementary

Recap of Upcoming Trainings

Meeting May 8th, 3013

Attendance: Darrian Smith, Margot Howard, Rhonda Simonson, Carol Schjei, Craig Anderson, Brooklyn Petrich, Mia Jackman, Jennifer Hamilton, Kathie Struve, Letitia Basford, Kathryn Malody, Pres Martin, Isaac Mullin, Maggie Knorr



Academic Pairing:

Hand in Hand:

Snelling Connection:

125th Anniversary


Mini grants!

Meeting Change

Celebration of outgoing and incoming members:

Meeting April 3rd, 2013

Attendance: Brooklyn Petrich, Darrian Smith, Letitia Basford, Jennifer Hamilton, Margot Howard, Faduma Yakob, Craig Anderson, Rhonda Simonson, Mary Weyandt, Isaac Mullin,Kathey Struve, Carol Schjei.  

*Special guest, Letitia’s daughter.





Mini Grants

125 Years of Collaboration Celebration

Last Meeting

Meeting March 6th, 2013

Attendance: Jennifer Hamilton, Brooklyn Petrich, Letitia Basford, Margot Howard, Darrian Smith, Michael Jon Olson, Martha Salzman, Craig Anderson, Isaac Mullin, Carol Schjei, Ronda Simonson, Kathleen Walsh, Allison Theissen,

1. Updates: Elementary, University, Community (Snelling Multimodal Plan and Hamline Midway Heartwood festival)

2. Announcement:

         May 8th advisory board meeting date change.

3. Honors Day Nominations

·         Student Affairs is awarding the Collaboration with the only two awards they give out.

·         Student Worker of the year award and Volunteer of the year award nominations are due in a week. Anyone can nominate anyone who is involved in the collaboration in some way.

·         Margot will email out the nominees to the advisory board excluding students, and will have the advisory board email choices. Margot will tally and then it will be announced at ceremony.

·         May 2nd, Thursday is Honors Day.

4. Report on assessment data and highlights/goals based on data

                a. Margot: Hand in Hand

·         Through online survey. Exec Board assessing itself as it functions.

·         Initially there was a technology error so it had to be sent out again.

·         Everything was rather positive, that which wasn’t positive was already known and in the process of being dealt with.  

·         Other than technology error, assessment went rather well.

·         There were about 25-35 buddy pairs and retention has been really great, mentors understand it is a year-long commitment and are dedicated to program.

·         The budget was increased, last year so there are more games in buddy cabinet.

·         Technology problem for why not as many students were nominated for buddies.  

                b. Mary: Tutoring (both teachers and program-wide and tutor’s assessment)

·         61 responses, all really positive.

·         Survey of about 5 questions were handed out to all of the teachers.

·         Really great group of tutors.

                c. Letitia: Snelling Connection

·         Couldn’t get onto gmail which is the primary way students interview, which caused problems.

·         Letitia and Isaac established goals to keep up with: document the happenings of Hamline to Hamline Collaboration, provide opportunity of elementary students to expand journalism and writing skills, create and adapt lessons to better engage and accommodate students.

·         It should be helpful for future co-editors.

·         Students have a lot more time this semester to work on their articles, peer review, edit, and practice their writing.

·         Co-editors set their own deadlines, are being more responsible for class, à add to goals for the program.

5. 125th year of collaboration together: brainstorm ideas for celebration.

·         Spring of Fall?

·         This Spring is about saying goodbye to a lot

·         Next Fall would be about starting again.

Meeting February 6th, 2013

Attendance: Jennifer Hamilton, Brooklyn Petrich, Darrian Smith, Letitia Basford, Margot Howard, Craig Anderson, Lorrain Omly, Mary Weyandt, Kathryn Malody, Kathey Struve, Vicki Sagert  

1. Updates

2. Chinese Immersion School Discussion

3. How we are going to market this to Hamline Univ. to make it look like a good thing:

4. Walk away

Meeting December 5th, 2012

Attendance: Issac Mulin, Margot Howard, Letitia Basford, Jennifer Hamilton, Tessa Mortenson, Allison Theissen, Lorraine Omly, Faduma Yakob, Vicki Sagert, Mary Weyandt, Dana Coleman, Kathleen Walsh, Carol Scheij, Katherine Tilton, Pres Martin.  

1.  Updates

2.  Present assessments

3.  Discuss mission/vision statement


4.  Discuss:What do we call the collaboration?

5.  Mini grants

6.  Plans and goals for the spring semester.

Meeting: November 7th, 2012

Attendance: Isaac Mullin, Letitia Basford, Jennifer Hamilton, Margot Howard, Tessa Mortenson, Dana Coleman, Mary Weyandt, Bailey Fisher, Martha Salzman, Allison Theissen, Rhonda Simonson, Vicki Sagert, Kathleen Walsh, Kathryn Malody, Lorraine Omly, Susan McNamara, Kathie Struve.

1.     Updates

a.     Hamline University:

b.     Hancock(referendum, name change):

c.      Community:John from Midway Coalition

2.     Margot:  Fundraiser update

3.     Margot:  Present and vote on the Mission/Vision statement

The_____________ Collaboration mission is to engage all members of the

community in authentic, shared, and purposeful learning experiences.

Our vision is to inspire lifelong learning. College begins in



o   What do you think about the mission and vision?

o   What do we call the collaboration?

4.     Assessment overview:

Snelling Connection: no assessment in place

a.     Assessors:Glynis and Letitia and editors are assessors

b.     We develop assessment together

c.      Snelling Co-editors: Goals are set at the beginning of year and

are assessed middle and end of year. Co-editors write final report,

submit it to Glynis, then Letitia,and finally Margot.

d.     Which goals should we be focusing on?

Hand-in-Hand:  Brooklyn Petrich & student org committee will develop

assessment for beg, middle,and end of year.  Brooklyn will write end of

year report.

e.     Buddies are nominated by teachers---teachers gave reasons for requesting a buddy turned into goals

f.      Buddy(Hancock) is assessed by buddy (Hamline) at midpoint and

end of experience--based on those goals.

g.     End of year assessment by Hancock teacher

h.     Margot will talk to Assistant to Collaboration about developing

this tool

Tutoring program as a whole

·     Faduma is the first go-to person to set up tutoring placements,

hires people, etc. When disciplinary actions occur, students are

directed toward Mary.

·     All tutors will be assessed at the end of each semester by teachers

and have access to these reports. Mary & Faduma will develop assessment.

·     Mary will a) announce to teachers when their assessments are due,

and b) will meet with Hamline students to convey concerns

·     Faduma and Mary will both meet toward the end ofthe year to write

year-end assessment report of how the tutoring program/tutors performed.

·     Lead tutor: Assessed by Mary & Margot


Meeting: October 3rd, 2012

Attendance: Letitia Basford, Isaac, Margot Howard, Tessa, Jennifer, Katherine Tilton, Craig Anderson, Jane Turk, Mary Weyandt, Schjei, Simonson, Katheryn Melody, Dana Coleman, Zach Khudson, Lorrane Omely, Jim Brickwedde, Salzman, Theissan

3:22 Meeting Begins- Introductions

Updates from Hancock

Updates from Hamline

Hand in Hand Updates

Snelling Connection Updates

Executive Committee Position Descriptions

Scholarship fund

In the Mix Training

Fundraiser: “Hike for the Health of Hancock-Hamline Collaboration”

4:17 Meeting Ends