Venturing Crew 186 is the troop’s High Adventure program for young men and women aged 14 to 21.

It’s climbing and river kayaks and stuff BSA won’t let the under 14 crowd do.  It’s a way to stay active with 186 rather than “age out”.*  It’s a place where your sister and her kick-butt friends can join the fun.

T186 Scoutmaster Brian Pratt is also the Crew 186 Adult Advisor.  Various troop moms serve as advisors for outings with a mix of young men and women along.  The crew has its own calendar, but in many cases crew and troop events are combined when the activity does not preclude under-14s.

*it turns out there’s another way not to age out, too  - if you’re between 18 and 21, you can register as a troop member using registration code “92U”, which means Unit College Scouter Reserve.  The online Youth Protection Training is required, since this is technically an adult position, but not all the other training you’d need if you registered as an assistant scoutmaster, which was formerly your only option for staying active with the troop after age 18.