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[OH] Please pray for Deputy Laura Worthington's full (mind, body, and soul) recovery - http://behindthebluewall.blogspot.com/2011/03/oh-please-pray-for-deputy-laura.html 

Franklin County Sheriff's Deputy Laura Worthington was attacked and stabbed in the neck critically by her ex-deputy husband Matthew, who was found dead at the scene.


The Columbus Dispatch

By Debbie Gebolys

Thursday,  June 5, 2008

[Excerpts] At least four Franklin County deputies have made working at the Jackson Pike jail intolerable for their subordinates, an internal-affairs investigation has found... The second-highest-ranking, Sgt. Matthew Worthington, 35, was suspended with pay last month after he was found to be intimidating subordinates who were cooperating with the investigation against him, which includes charges of sexual harassment... "What the hell's wrong with these people?" Sheriff Jim Karnes said last night. "I'm very upset"... Worthington, who is supervised by Gunn, stands accused of the most wrongdoing and has admitted to much of it. After having consensual sex with a female subordinate late last summer, Worthington admitted that he profanely insulted her and other female subordinates daily. He also said he "did kick trash cans, throw phones, clear items off his desk with his arm and scream profanities in anger... He admitted he was unable to control his outbursts of anger, perceived by his subordinates as intimidating … and when asked the direct question, 'Matt, can you effectively supervise your shift anymore?' he responded, 'no.'" In all, 22 employees told investigators about Worthington's actions, considered by investigators to include sexual harassment, discrimination, insubordination and neglect of duty, among other offenses. He also ordered two groups of new hires to participate in "team-building exercises," which included acting out nursery rhymes, which was videotaped. One deputy "was visibly upset" and another "cried afterward," investigators wrote. Worthington "does not show any respect to anyone," Karnes said. "He's a control freak"...




June 5, 2008

[Excerpts] A recently released internal affairs report accuses deputies working at the Franklin County Jail of sexual harassment and coercing recruits into demeaning behavior... A surveillance camera appears to show deputies holding hands and jumping in circles while a crowd of people watch... Sgt. Matthew Worthington ordered two groups of new deputies to take part in what he called “team-building exercises”... [Franklin County Sheriff Jim] Karnes called the actions “intolerable” and wanted to know who was watching prisoners during the incident. “That’s the part that’s really upsetting me,” Karnes said. “It’s a situation where they called people to the area to view what was taking place while the officers were being humiliated. I’m not going to tolerate that”...  




Published: June 05, 2008

[Excerpts] Do employees of the jail at Jackson Pike have too much time on their hands? It is hazing or a method for maintaining control?... To begin with the hazing, new recruits were told to participate in games and act out songs in front of coworkers, supervisors, civilians and an inmate... The recruits performed the Barney song and I'm a Little Teapot. They also offered their version of Ring Around the Rosy, locked arm-in-arm, including falling down at the end of the song. After accepting applause, the recruits concluded the demonstration with leap frog... "It's a situation where these people did things that are actually uncalled for and I won't tolerate it here at this office. (It's) absolutely something to me that really affects the professionals who work here in a matter in which it shows them as lesser people and I'm not gonna tolerate it," [Franklin County Sheriff Jim] Karnes said. Sgt. Matthew Worthington was one of the supervisors involved in what the sheriff called hazing...