Membership is open to men and women 55 years and up.

Tournaments are played on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays on either Mesa Linda or Los Lagos.

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June 2 , 2011

Mesa Linda Low Net  

(back to one flight)

White Monuments – Men

Silver Monuments - Women



Check in with JACK at least 20 minutes before your tee time !

Entry Fees:

Non-residents  $33 __  

Residents $20 ____   Skins  $5 ____

Name _______________________

Play with_____________________________

Early ___Late ___

Ride ___Walk ___Either____

Send Entry To:

Jack Price,

215 Via Eboli,

Newport Beach  CA 92663

or drop in the slot in the locker room


NOON, Wednesday, May 25, 2011



June 16,  2011

Individual Stroke Play

Net Score + putts

Los Lagos

Check in with Jim at least 20 minutes before your tee time !

Entry: $40____  Skins $5_____

Member __________________________


Play with: ________________________________


Check here if interested in playing:

Scotch Cup July 14 & 25: ______

Mail form/check payable to ‘CMSGA’ to:

Jim Thornton 2002 Swan Dr .  Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Or place them in the Tournament Chairman slot in the locker room.


WEDNESDAY NOON  June 8, 2011



June 2

Mesa Linda

Low Net 48 players max

June 16

Los Lagos

Low Net

And Yotal Putts

July 7

Mesa Linda

Low Net 48 players max

Scotch Cup

July 14


July 25

Sign Up Now!!

August 4

Mesa Linda

Low Net 48 players max



        Here’s your chance to represent your club and bring this prestige trophy back to Costa Mesa.  The Scotch Cup Team is now being formed.   Eighteen players will compete against Laguna Woods on July 14th and 25th.  If you are interested in representing CMSGA and want to be on this team place your name on the signup sheet is in the locker room or let Jim Thornton know you are interested.    Eighteen players plus alternates will be selected to make up this year’s team.  

        The selection criteria are you must have participated and performed in CMSGA tournaments in recent months.   Current indexes will be used as part of the selection criteria.     The alternates must be ready to play either day in case a player cannot play both rounds.   The Scotch Cup resides at Laguna Woods and it is our goal to return it to the CMSGA trophy case.     The first round will be played July 14 on Mesa Linda (carts required, no walking), the second and final round will be played at Laguna Woods July 25th.  Following the final round Laguna Woods will host a tasty lunch and the Scotch Cup will be presented to the winning team. 

June 2nd is the First Thursday Tournament and will be played on Mesa Linda.  Individual Stroke Play.  Send your entries ASAP to Jack Price or place in the box in the locker room.  The first 48 players to enter will be guaranteed a starting time.  Limited space for this one.

June 16th Los Lagos Tournament played from the white tees.   Individual Stroke Play with a side pot for Low Putts.   Send your entries to Jim Thornton ASAP or place in the box in the locker room.

        The best golf of the year is upon us as the weather gets warmer.  Come out and join us every first and third Thursday and make sure to get your entries in early.   The early bird get’s the worm.  Don’t be left out.  

John Smith




June 16:  Los Lagos.  Individual stroke play with cash prizes for low putts.  Remember, deadline is Wednesday noon the week before our events.

Score cards.  Please complete your card with Gross, net and adjustments.  There were 6 errors on the June cards.

Scotch Cup Jul 14 and 25:  Our sixth annual event with Laguna Woods.  Competition is based on points won.  Your Board will select 18 players plus alternates based on index and recent performance.  Sign up now to be considered.  Use phone, email, June entry form or the sign in the locker room.  They cleaned our clock last year.  

Pace of Play:  Are you using ESC, Equitable Stroke Control method to finish our your hole for all non-qualiying scores.  Ex:  Your ESC number is 7 determined by your handicap.  You lay 5 just off the green and chip on.  At this point if you know your score WILL NOT be counted for your team/partnership score, then pick up  and record a 7 ‘x’.   Don’t understand?  Ask someone.


Los Lagos:  

1st place at 61:

•        Bob Belikoff and Dave Englestad

T2nd place at 64:  

•        Bob Baker and Ron Baker

•        Wally McGowen and Jim Kohler

•        Don Thiedemann and David Peterson

•        Joe Mohney and Don Spreeman

•        Dick Thiel and Jim Ortale

Mesa Linda:  

1st place at 57:

•        Ed Chavez and Ed Stringhan

2nd place at 58

•        Ed Arnold and Chuck Fenoglio

T3rd place at 59

•        Jack Price and Robert Price

•        Leon Dodge and Dave Appling


Mesa Linda:

•        Tom Anderson # 2, 8

•        Al Meissenburg #6

•        Sparks McClellan #10

•        Brian Lewis Sr #12

•        Robert Leyva #17

•        Mike Sinacori #16 cptr

Los Lagos:

•        Joe Viera #4

•        Joe Mohney #7

•        John Crutsinger #8 cptr

•        Jerry MacDonald #11

•        Don Spreeman #15

•        Dave Engelstad #17

Jim Thornton

Tournament Director

Results for May 5, 2011

Mesa Linda Low Net

18 or less

1st        Aparicio, Arnie

2nd        Thornton, Jim

T3rd        Bennett, Gary

T3rd        Chavez, Ed

19 or more

1st        Noon, Jim

2nd        Detken, Fred

3rd        Friedersdorf, Chuck

T4th        Grady, Dennis

T4th        Swingle, Rick

SKINS  18 HCP or less  ($21 each)

Rick Miller  #2 (1)

Jack Naughton  #11 (3)

Mike Bekins  #12 (2)

Gary Bennett  #18  (2)

SKINS  19 HCP or more  ($37 each)

Tom Thomas  #8  (1)

Don Thiedemann  #9  (2)

Peter Kaplan  #13  (2)


#2 Dennis  Grady

#6  Ed Chavez

#8 Jack Price

#10  Jack Naughton

#12  Jerry Vinland

#15 in two  Mike Wolter

#16 in two  Mike Wolter

#17  Mike Supple



One new member has joined our club this month.  She is Pattie Pettit, wife of long time member Carl Pettit.  Our active membership now stands at 199.

Rather than discuss the successful and unsuccessful posting experiences of our members this month, I thought I would present some Frequently Asked Questions on the Rules of Golf.

Q:  May I have the flagstick attended if my ball lies off the putting green?

A:  Yes.  Before making a stroke from anywhere on the course, you may have the flagstick attended, removed or held up to indicate the position of the hole.

Q:  Can I share golf balls and/or clubs with my opponent or fellow competitor?

A:  You may share golf balls and other forms of equipment such as towels, gloves, tees, etc.  However, you may not share clubs with your opponent or fellow competitor.

Q:  Should rakes be left inside or outside of the bunker?

A:  The USGA recommends that rakes be left outside bunkers in areas where they are least likely to affect the movement of the ball; however, it is ultimately a matter for the Club or Committee to decide.

Q:  While making a practice swing, a player accidentally moves hos ball in play with his club.  What is the ruling?

A:  The player incurs a one stroke penalty, and must replace the ball to its original position.  If he fails to replace the ball, he will incur a total penalty of two strokes.

Mike Supple

Membership/Handicap Chairman