The General Committee consists of elected members and the Chair of the Croquet and Bridge Committees, plus a non-voting secretary and treasurer.  The committee usually numbers about 9 or 10 and meets at four to six-weekly intervals. It is responsible for deciding matters that affect the running of the club as a whole and coordinates any interaction between the sections of the club.

The General Committee Members for 2017-18 are:

Chairman               Alison Maddaford



Secretary               James Homer

Company Secretary


Treasurer        Stuart Tibbits


Estate Committee Chair                      

                         Rob Weeks

Croquet Section Chair                  

                         John O'Gorman

John OG photo2.jpg

Bridge Section Chair                        

                         Lesley Standen

Child Welfare Officer                         Sheena Hemmings


Ian Stratford


                                                            Judith Heaney

There are also a number of members that have taken on volunteer duties for the club as a whole, such as: Catering and Kitchen Service, Bar-manning, Buildings Maintenance, Clubhouse Security, Flower Display, etc. Additionally, volunteers work within each games section doing such things as Hoop Setting, Coaching, providing Lawn Maintenance Cover; Bridge Directing & Scoring; Competition Management and Refereeing to name but a few.

Without these unsung heroes, the club would not function. Their efforts are much appreciated by the membership and especially the General Committee.


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