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Solutions to Issue #6: Limitations on Contributing to External Open Source Projects


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Description of the issue

"Open Source is a tool by which to accomplish NASA's mission"

Proposed Solution #1: Clarify existing policy and/or restrictions on contributing to open source projects

Given the issues stated in the description and a general sense of confusion, and a prevailing attitude of “asking forgiveness is easier than asking permission”, NASA needs to clarify what the existing policy means for software developers who are--or wish to be--contributing to open source software currently. Publish this information prominently online and make it widely available. Simple, unambiguous language without a lot of caveats is critical.

Proposed Solution #2: Agency-wide blanket authorization covering contributions to external Open Source Software

Moving forward from solution #1, the Agency could create a blanket agreement permitting contributions to open source projects. This would be greatly preferable to having one-off contributor agreements for individual projects/contributions.