Moving Toward Wellness

Bringing the Pink Ribbon Program

to breast cancer survivors in and near Wilmington, Delaware

The Pink Ribbon Program will help breast cancer survivors to stretch and strengthen the shoulder, chest, back, and abdominal muscles, allowing them to regain full range of motion to those areas affected by breast cancer surgery. This program is suitable whether the breast surgery was recent or several years ago and accommodates all fitness levels.

We are raising $1,200 to send two local professional trainers for training and certification in the Pink Ribbon Program. We ask that you support our cause by donating to Moving Toward Wellness.

                Mail checks to

        PayPal donations to        Moving Toward Wellness        c/o Venita Wood

                503 Ruxton Drive

                Wilmington, DE  19809

If you have questions about this program or appeal, please call Venita Wood, 302-764-4125.

Donations to Moving Toward Wellness are not currently tax deductible.

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