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PoE 2012 - Project Preproposals
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ENGR2210        17 February  2012

Project Introduction

Pre-proposal Due: 19 February @ 9pm (Sunday!)


   The three labs done, you will now be working for the remainder of the semester in a small team (probably 4 people) to design a mechatronic system.  Your project must include both nontrivial mechanical system design and fabrication, and a nontrivial electronic system involving hardware and firmware aspects.  Your team will have a fixed budget of $250 for project materials.

Important Dates

  Pre-proposal due: 6pm, Monday, 20 February

  Vote on your favorites by: Noon, Wednesday, 22 February

  Teams and Projects announced: in-class, Friday, 24 February

  Proposal due: Friday, 2 March

  Design Review 1: in-class, Friday, 16 March

      Spring Break: March 19-23

  Design Review 2: in-class, Tuesday, 10 April

  Demo Day and Final Website due: TBA

      Last Class: May 1

Assignment: Pre-Proposal

   On the course website, there are many links to PoE projects from previous semesters.  Not as many as if Olin archived their websites, but that’s another story.  There are also links to similar project courses at other schools.  We will spend all of today looking at projects, browsing websites and brainstorming ideas.  Other websites that might be helpful include:

  By the date and time indicated above, each individual must submit electronically to the course instructor and both NINJA a brief (no more than two paragraphs) pre-proposal sketching out two project ideas, including a description of the system and its functionality.  We will read these, evaluating each for proper scope, and compile them into a list on the website.

Assignment: Voting

  By the date and time indicated above, each individual must rank (using a google form that will be sent out to the list) their top three projects.  These priorities will be used by the instructor and NINJA to derive project teams.  Project teams will be announced the following class period.

Assignment: Proposal

  Each group will spend the following week developing a full project proposal.  This proposal should convince the instructors that your idea is well thought out, and you have a plan for executing it.  It must include at least the following aspects:

Succinct - the elevator pitch for your project, and how you’re going to pull it off.

In detail, what’s the plan for your project? What are the major components?  How are you going to execute the plan?  How is it cooler / different than what other people have done before?

How will your team divide the work?  How does that align with the goals of each team member, as stated to me at the beginning of the semester?

Detailed, with internal deadlines for the major components of your project.

Include major projected expenses, along with a rough idea of sources where known.  Where unknown, identify how you are going to locate materials.

What are you going to do with this project at the end of PoE?  Would it make a good display for a hallway case?  How about a museum or art exhibit at a local gallery?  Who should you talk to in order to ensure these things are possible?

Other Assignments

  Twice over the course of the semester, each group will do a brief presentation detailing the status of your project, followed by a design review with the rest of the class.

  At the end of the class, each group will provide a demo and a brief, informal oral presentation on the status of their project.  In lieu of a report, each group will need to produce and maintain a web page, documenting the entire project.

  Additional details on these assignments will follow later in the semester.