Digital Storytelling-Windows Movie Maker

Use the following guide to help create a digital story using Windows Movie Maker; including recording audio to narrate your movie.

Text Directions



Right-Click on your Desktop and Create a New Folder.  


Call the folder Digital Story.


Get images from the Internet.

Save them to the Digital Story folder you created.  


Open Windows Movie Maker


Click on Import Media.


Click on Desktop; Double-Click on the Digital Story folder you created in Step 2.  Select all of the pictures and click Open.


The pictures will appear in the window in the middle.  Drag them, one at a time, to the bottom.


Near the bottom left corner of the screen, change from Storyboard mode to Narrate Timeline Mode.


If a dialog box appears, click OK.


Click Start Narration.


Save the Narration to your Digital Story folder on your Desktop, then Click Save.  The audio track will be added below the pictures.


Save the project

Press Ctrl + S


When completely finished, Publish Movie.


Choose This Computer.  

Then, click Next.


Name the Story, and Save it to My Videos.  Then, click Next.


Do not change any of the settings; then, click Publish.  Then, click Finish.


Have a question this document does not answer?

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  2. In the window that opens, type in brief search terms at the top and click search.

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