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***6th - 8th Grades: Use the handouts that I send home with you when working on StudySync at home … the think questions.

*** Scroll down for extra learning opportunities including your ELA vocabulary practice on Quizziz.

Please Read - Middle School Inclusion/IV ELA

Please Read MobyMax Parent Letter that was sent home with your child.

Please Read ReadLive Parent Letter that was sent home with your child.

         6-8th Grade Adaptive Learning- IV

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Quizziz for ELA Reading Selections

6th Grade “Hatchet” use: code 10354496

6th The Magic Marker Mystery 04206112

7th Grade “ Woodsong”    use code 65962176

7th Grade “Nimona  use code 52809248

8th Grade  “Let ‘Em Play God” Vocabulary practice  66420544

Sympathy”  use code 37391904



   Virtual learning opportunities

BrainPop educational videos and activities  * Don’t click on the free access button; go below it and choose a subject.

Point of View Video This will help those of you who have a point of view lesson in the packet.

Argument/Persuasive  Writing For those of you you have an argument lesson scroll down to the bottom of the page for assistance.

 Week of May 11th

4th  packet text and audio    Codes are below for each grade level; assignments are differentiated within the grade level ; all passwords are 1234. You may change your password once you log in.








Statewide Partnership with PBS to Deliver Daily Instructional Content

We are thrilled to announce  that we have a new partnership with the state’s PBS stations to deliver daily instructional content for Tennessee students.

Starting April 6, Chattanooga WTCI— will deliver two hours of programming with high-quality instructional content from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. CST.


 Scholastic Learn at Home = 20 days of projects to keep kids learning, thinking , and growing  No password needed-full of books/videos etc.

Quizlet No password required  ( Academic vocabulary practice)

Scholastic Scope password= crownstep6  *Several articles per issue have read aloud features.

"Into the Storm" example from Scope = password crownstep 6. Scroll down the audio button is on the left.

Quizziz  This site has read aloud features.  code required  They are listed by grade below. More to be added.

6th Grade Codes for Quizziz



7th Grade Codes for Quizziz




8th Grade Codes for Quizziz




Storyline Online-  Several of these stories have AR tests; you could read and then take a test.       ( Link  to AR below)

AR Login Link

Tumblebooks - Some may have AR tests.

  Great Choice of Books With Audio!!

Digital Books  Log in =  username: readnow

                                       Password: myon

At home lessons - reading and math

Mathwire- math strategies

Chapter Books  (You could read and take an AR test.)

Diary of a Wimpy Kid   Full text and audio   3 pts

The Maze Runner  15 pts

Where the Red Fern Grows  Full text and audio  11 points

Bridge to Terabithia  full text and audio  5 pts

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nymh  full text and audio  8 points

Number the Stars full text and audio  4 points

Tuck Everlasting  audio

Tuck Everlasting full text

Stargirl    audio book

Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry full text  10 points

Audio for Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry

Holes audio and full text  7 AR points

Tuck Everlasting  audio

Tuck Everlasting full text

Stargirl    audio book

Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry full text  10 points

Audio for Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry

Holes audio and full text  7 AR points

Picture   7 points

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

Chapter 15

Chapter 16

Chapter 17

Chapter 18

Dragonwings Audiobook Files​​:

​ Click on the Chapter to listen:  10 points

Dragonwings - Introduction

Dragonwings - Chapter 1

Dragonwings - Chapter 2

Dragonwings - Chapter 3

Dragonwings - Chapter 4

Dragonwings - Chapter 5

Dragonwings - Chapter 6

Dragonwings - Chapter 7

Dragonwings - Chapter 8

Dragonwings - Chapter 9

Dragonwings - Chapter 10

Dragonwings - Chapter 11

Dragonwings - Chapter 12

Dragonwings - Afterword

Readagogo   short passages with comprehension questions  password needed  This site has read aloud.

Read Live  password needed  This site has read aloud.



Slide Show

Essential Focus Questions and Key Concepts


MLA Formatting

Argument Paragraph Rubric

Preassessment - Format for Argument Paragraph

Session 1 - Argument Concepts - Anchor Chart

Session 1 - Analyzing Arguments

Session 1 - Explain Your Argument

Session 2 - Evidence Types

Session 2 - Evidence Types Continued

Session 2 - Name that Evidence Type

Session 2 - Evidence Types Mini-Task

Session 3 - Commentary - Anchor Chart

Session 4 - Dissecting the Writing Prompt

Session 4 - Argument Paragraph Pre-Writing

Sessions 5 and 6 - Commentary Competition

Sessions 5 and 6 - Credible Sources on the Internet - Anchor Chart

Sessions 5 and 6 - Website Credibility Activity

Sessions 5 and 6 - Variety of Evidence Checklist

Sessions 5 and 6 - Citing Sources

Session 7 - Drafting Complex Commentary - Anchor Chart

Session 7 - Practice Writing Complex Commentary

Session 8 - Argument Paragraph Organization - Anchor Chart

Session 8 - Name That Paragraph Structure!

Session 9 - Identify the Transition

Session 9 - Transition Words and Phrases - Anchor Chart

Session 9 - Transition Madlibs

Session 10 - Argument Paragraph Topic Sentence - Anchor Chart

Session 10 - Practice with Topic Sentences

Session 11 - Argument Paragraph Revision

Session 12 - Post Revision Reflection

Summative Assessment Examples

Works Cited Example

Peer Feedback on Argument Paragraph

Argument Paragraph Party - Student Work


Fun Sites

Gonoodle  - exercise

Ripley  Aquarium At Home


7th Grade Alternate ELA assignment for packet # 2.0  If you need paper quizzes, let me know.

Johnny Tremain  full text and audio

Quizziz  Join a Game enter code. Remember audio.

751443 Quiz # 1  Take after reading ch. 3.

323457  Quiz # 2  Take after reading ch. 10