1. Name and describe three people (or beings) that your character cares deeply about (e.g. parents, spouse, children, paramour, mentor, apprentice).

2. Name and describe one person (or being) who your character has a hostile relationship or rivalry with.

3. What sort of place did your character grow up in? Describe not only its location on the map, but also what the environment was like for a growing youth.

5. In a few sentences, explain why your character is willing to risk his life adventuring when he could earn his keep doing something far less hazardous.

6. List and describe your character's three most prized or cherished items. These items need not be expensive, but there should be some emotional or sentimental reasons why these items are valuable to the character.

7. What does your character want out of life? What does he want out of adventuring?

8. What is the most important principle that guides your character's life?

9. Choose five adjectives that describe your character.

10. Provide a typical quote from your character