Terms and Conditions of Hire for Iona Village Hall.

Updated 18/03/2011


1. Iona Village Hall is NO SMOKING throughout. Candles, tea lights and other naked flames are not permitted.

2. The maximum number of people allowed for entertainments is 280 seated, 200 for a dance and 140 for dining.

3. Users should be aware that the Hall has no parking and that parking nearby is limited and at the owners risk. Loading and unloading should not obstruct local traffic.

4. Any decorations put up by hirers must be non-flammable, and may not be fixed near light fittings. Sellotape, Blue/White ‘Tac’, Adhesive tape, Drawing pins and staples must not be used. Please use the hooks and loops provided.

5. The Hall has an entertainments licence that applies to events that charge admission at the door. Where appropriate, a levy of £10.00 per event will be charged.

6. If alcohol is to be sold on the premises it is the responsibility of the hirer to obtain the appropriate licence and to comply with the terms of that licence.

Booking, cancellation and payment

7. Availability can be checked and bookings made with the Bookings Secretary, Anja Jardine on 01681 700537 or anja@boattripsiona.com

8. All bookings are at the discretion of the Village Hall Committee.

9. Fees quoted for bookings more than one year ahead are liable to change. Prices charged will be those in place at the time of the let.

 10. The Hall Committee reserves the right to claim all or part of the hiring charge if the Hirer cancels the booking with less than 4 (four) weeks notice.

11. Payment must be made within 7 days of the hire finishing.

Use of the Hall

12. The key of the Hall can be collected from Lovedale Cottage by prior arrangement and must be returned at the end of the hiring period or as soon as possible thereafter. All users should sign the key book on collection and return.

13. The Hirer must nominate a competent person to take charge in case of Fire, to ensure that all persons at the Hall can escape unimpeded through the Fire Exits and to assemble by the surgery or other nominated assembly area. Fire Doors MUST remain unobstructed during a let.

14. Children under 14 are not permitted in the kitchen at any time. They should be kept off the stage, except for performances where children are involved.

15. It is a condition of the hire that the premises are left in a tidy condition at the end of the hiring period:

·     Chairs and tables, having been wiped over, should be returned whence they came. Curtains drawn and blinds open.

·     Rubbish must be placed in the appropriate bins provided.

·     Floors should be swept and tidied.

·     The kitchen and crockery should be left in a clean, tidy and fit state for the next hirer.

·     Any equipment used must be returned to its proper storage space after use.

·     Sacks, brooms, mops, dustpans, etc. can be found in the cupboard in the corner of the hall.

Any additional Hall Cleaner costs through non-compliance with the above may be levied on the hirer.

16. The Hirer is responsible for any damage or loss to the Hall & grounds during the hire period. If there is loss or damage, the hirer must inform the bookings secretary within 24 hours. Any costs for repairs or loss replacement may be levied on the Hirer.

17. Any electrical equipment brought into the hall by the hirer or on behalf of the hirer must be PAT certified.

18. Please ensure that all windows and doors are securely closed, lights, water heater and electrical sockets turned off and doors latched when you lock the hall. AV equipment belong to the Hall should be locked away after use.

19. Heating is provided by way of an air source heat pump in the main hall. During the winter months a timer will control it. Hirers should refer to the instructions provided if they wish to switch on the unit or override the timer and should ensure that it is returned to the previous setting afterwards.

20. Please consider our neighbours when playing loud music.


21. The Hall Committee endeavour to provide a Hall that is clean and tidy for all users and at a reasonable cost. The Terms & Conditions set out above must be adhered to by all who use the Hall, in order to do this.

22. The Hall Committee reserves the right to change these Terms & Conditions at any time at their discretion.

We thank you for your co-operation and hope that you enjoy the use of our Village Hall.

Iona Village Hall is run by volunteers and funded by income from lets and local fund raising. We would welcome any thoughts you may have on how we may be able to improve our service or facilities. Donations welcome.




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