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Article 2: Organization (or Agreement)

Said organizationally, we the people(s) of Strategic Investment Systems LLC, in order to continuously improve Economic Justice and Political Freedom for All, do enact this new World Constitution as Secret Entrepreneurial Operatives in the following Entrepreneurial Body Politic of Justice (or God):

Individual Engineering Workflow (or Sequential Organizational Operation)

How? By choosing your specific individual engineering workflow in the above entrepreneurial workflow engine (or body politic) which, said as 12 sequential organizational operations, is (1) for you to create and maintain, using the javascript programming language, a very small software application (or part) of your new generational town website of 50,000 customer-investors (or “friends”), which town website can span a city metro area and which initially gathers[1] and organizes yourselves (if greater than “6-years-old[2]) into 1 of 800 new competitive investment platoons of “60” employee-investors, and related “120” customer-investors (or limited investors, on average today) as part of your new town internet legislature (or generational internet legislature) of 50,000 general-investors, which enables you to (2) initially earn $2,530 per year (in 2010 $US, annually inflation adjusted) in return for your 3-hour weekly shift operating (online) as a consumption purchasing officer (or wholesale buyer’s broker) specializing in 1 of 50,000 product purchasing types on behalf of your generational town website of 50,000 customer-investors, which town’s individual product purchases using your 50,000 individual/business budget forecasts” will be used to make quarterly wholesale purchases -- that is, at 5% below today’s retail prices, including home/business delivery -- which will then enable you to (3) get a free quarterly individual $1,000 (or more) bank (or business) capital contribution from up to 24% in cashback rebates as equity share ownership of your individual product purchases (above), which free banking (or business) investment capital -- free, because as a lower 90% worker (or investor) today you don’t individually control any of this average 24% business production profit today -- will enable you to (4) create your new generational town bank of 50,000 friends (or investors) -- that is, with $25-50M in initial bank assets (or 50,000 friends * $1,000 quarterly = $50M; for free) -- which as a city banking organization of 12 generational town banks (evenly across all 12 age groups today) will enable you to create your new 1 of 800  generational business types of 60 employee-investors, and related 120 customerinvestors (representing all general investors, on average, today) as part of your new 1 of 800 competitive global corporation types of 50,000 employee-investors, and related 100,000 customer-investors (respreseting all investors, max, min; related to each town and platoon investor website above) using (5) up to $4 billion (due to today’s fractional banking system, per virtual town bank or per virtual global corporation above) in 8% renewable business loans (or up to $85,000 in 8% renewable individual loans, on average over your average 72-year  lifetime) from yourselves as 28%-controlling bank owner/voters (or customer-investors) to yourselves as 72%-controlling business owner/voters (or employee-investors) such that everyone in (6) your new self-sufficient city design of 600,000, and related 12 generational town designs of 50,000, will create (8) your new investment bank account of 12 “passerbylayered mutual fund types, reinvested (or reorganized) every 12 years -- that is, using this entrepreneurial workflow engine  --  in turn, which investment income from your 12 layered mutual funds will replace 72% of your present wage income over 12 years if you are a lower 90% worker (or investor) today earning less than $93K annually and if all 12 generational town banks of 50,000 above are self-organized into your self-sufficient city bank of 600,000 over 12 years -- wherein (9) your generational voting power (or rank) thereafter equals your “measured[3] 1 of 72 levels of education and experience (or tested workclass training, and related tested worktime rating, over your 72-year average worktime) in your (10) 1 of 800 workplace (or business) types of 60 employees per town (or House of Workplaces, having 24% corporate voting power first) in your 1 of 200 occupation types per town (or House of Occupations, having another 24% corporate voting power second) in your 1 of 50 industry types per town (or House of Industries, having another 24% corporate voting power third) in your 12 “passerbylayered mutual fund types (or House of Securities, having the last 28% corporate voting power fourth), whereby (11) that 100%-controlling, self-sufficient, 4-sub-house (or “heart”), town internet legislature (or generational internet legislature), of 1 of 12 virtual town and bank websites of 50,000 per virtual city website of 600,000, will quarterly vote-upon, using your 600,000 individual (and business) budget forecasts[4], all wholesale purchasing (or investment) orders for your generational world, nation, region, state, city, and town bank websites (replacing all of today’s governments), wherein you primarily vote-upon your related 1 of 800 generational business types (click industry link) of 60 employees (click workplace link) in your 1 of 800 global corporation types of 50,000 employees (replacing all of today’s unjust corporations) who thereafter (12) promote (not dictate like today) your new business investment proposals created by your new employee-elected bank and business (not government) corporate officers in your new investor command chain (see town tab).

So, did you...understand...all that? If not, then “like little children[5] (always open-minded, curious, and uninhibited by the past), read this page, and related website -- every day -- until you do in the future; or alternatively, just “play” this entrepreneurial workflow engine to operate your specific individual engineering workflow in the above Entrepreneurial Body Politic of Justice (or God).

Scientific Justification

Why? Because your new bottom-up (not today’s top-down) entrepreneurial workflow engine defeats today’s ponzi scheme of big banks, big businesses, and big governments ineffectively and inefficiently operated by today’s blameless -- but nonetheless unjustly enriched -- upper 10% investors, and related hereditary households (or aristocracy). In other words, said mathematically:

Therefore, to defeat this economic injustice (or growth-inhibiting inequality) tomorrow -- that is, as a lower 90% investors today -- you will earn at least $7,814 more individual income every 6 years, up to $93,770 annually (in 2010 $US), which individual income limit (annually inflation adjusted) is guaranteed at your retirement (or if already retired) if, and only if, your 1 of 12 generational town banks of 50,000 per self-sufficient city bank of 600,000 are organized over 12 years using this entrepreneurial workflow engine.

Therefore, to defeat this economic injustice (or growth-inhibiting inequality) tomorrow -- that is, as a lower 90% investors today -- you will earn at least $114,442 more individual business assets every 6 years, up to $1,373,229 presently (in 2010 $US), which individual asset limit (annually inflation adjusted) is also guaranteed at your retirement (or if already retired) if, and only if, your 1 of 12 generational town banks of 50,000 per self-sufficient city bank of 600,000 are organized over 12 years using this entrepreneurial workflow engine.

Consequently, the main question  is: Because of your required and continuous “training” in your 72%-controlling present marketing specialization (in the above body politic, beginning as an investment services programmer), and related 28%-controlling present business integration (in the above body politic as a “whole tree” of global/local investments), would you -- if you are presently a lower 90% worker/investor earning less than $93K today -- like to increase your individual income by $7,814 as well as increase your individual business assets by $114,442 every 6 years hereafter?

Administrative Entereprenuerial Justification

If yes”, then understand that your employee-elected managers (or entrepreneurs) will reach the above individual income and asset limits (becoming millionaires, but not today’s multi-millionaires or billionaires) quickly; that is, due to your new 24% entrepreneur science fund (or House of Industries) in your new investment bank account of 12 layered mutual funds types (see sector tab). Said simply, becoming a millionaire  manager (or entrepreneur) -- quickly (if elected by your related customer/employee-investors) -- is called your management value incentive.

Why? Because being an employee-elected manager (or entrepreneur), as opposed to an unelected customer/employee-investor, requires much greater time and effort, and thus management value incentive, to create (or update) your new business investment proposals -- educationally, experientially, and ethically -- even using this entrepreneurial workflow engine.

On the other hand, all unelected customer/employee-investors are only guaranteed to reach the above individual income and asset limits (becoming millionaires too, but later) at your retirement (or if already retired) if, and only if, you reinvest all your individual investment income (or today’s average 24% business production profit above) from your 12 “passerby” layered mutual funds until retirement.

Consequently, given this equality of opportunity[6] for ALL (in 2010 $US) to inevitably have an individual annual income of $93,770 from your individual business assets of $1,373,229 -- guaranteed at your retirement (or if already retired), or quickly if an employee-elected manager (or entrepreneur) -- then the most relevant organizational question is:

Would you like to use this entrepreneurial workflow engine to take control of your new self-sufficient city design of 600,000, and related 12 generational town designs of 50,000, away from today’s blameless, but nonetheless unjustly enriched, upper 10% investors, and related hereditary households (or aristocracy)?

If yes, then if you accept the above management value incentive as well as all other objectives (or missions), organizations (or agreements), objects (or terms), operatives (or agents), and operations (or conditions) as democratically changed (or evolved) over time by your 12 generational internet legislatures of 50,000 per self-sufficient city internet legislature of 600,000 -- as well as accept that all such operations therein require equal individual effort -- “measured” -- by everyone while “playing” this entrepreneurial workflow engine -- then the most relevant individual question is (again):

Would you like to increase your individual income by $7,814 as well as your individual business assets by $114,442 every 6 years hereafter?

If yes, then enlist, and thereafter immediately and willingly follow all orders from your employee-elected managers (or entrepreneurs); that is, instructing your new entrepreneurial investment team of 4 investment services programmers (or “friends”), your first step toward guaranteed financial independence today!

Questions? Issues? Proposals? Email: Eric.Atkinson@StrategicInternationalSystems.com

Many thanks for your time and effort, and may the force of truth and trust (or TNT) be within you, always faithful.

Just for fun, sing: TNT, Ballroom Blitz, Rubberband Man, and A Country Boy Can Survive.


Individual Objective

Said individually, your immediate objective (or mission) is to use your mobile office laptop, and related smartphone, to create and maintain a very small software application (or part) of your new generational town website of 50,000 customers; that is, as a wholesale buyer’s broker specializing in 1 of 50,000 product purchasing types on behalf of your virtual town website of 50,000 customers using this entrepreneurial workflow engine, which engine, as part of your  self-sufficient city design of 600,000, and related 1 of 12 generational town designs of 50,000, helps you create (or design) your new investment bank account of 12 “passerby[7] layered mutual funds using your new generational town bank (see town tab) for financing your new organization (or business). In turn, your 12 layered mutual funds will replace 72% of your wage income today over 12 years (per self-sufficient city design of 600,000) if you are a lower 90% worker earning less than $93K annually today (in 2010 $US). Thereafter, the other 28% of your income will come from your new 1 of 800 generational town business types as a profit-sharing bonus (annually).

Consequently, your new generational town bank will supply you with 8% individual/business loans to help you create (or design) your new 1 of 800 generational town business types of 60 employees, and related 120 customers (or investors, on average today) as part of your new “town on a hill[8]; that is, over 12 years of generational capitalistic competition (or negotiation) wherein each 1 of 12 generational internet legislatures of 50,000 (per city of 600,000) will cooperatively and competitively finance your new optimally effective and efficient generational town design therein (including all 50 industries), beginning with your specific 1 of 50 resort-mall-industries of 1,000 friends containing your specific 1 of 16 competitive investment platoons of “60[9] employees, and related “120[10] customers (or investors, on average today).

Best of all, your new resort mall industry of 1,000 friends, containing (next door) all your “beloved enemies” (or competitors)[11], will be substantially better than today’s Disney World Parks, Resorts, and Malls as your new town/suite/job. Why? Because not only you will live in your own resort office suite, but you can thereafter “move[12] to a new town/suite/job every 3 years as a global occupational tourist using this NFL-like service employment draft (see objects above to understand the benefits of being a global occupational tourist).

Do you agree with these organizational and individual objectives above?

If yes[13], then the 75% greater effectiveness and efficiency of your new generational town design will guarantee that you earn (if 2010 American, for example) $7,814 more individual income every 6 years as well as $114,442 more individual assets every 6 years (guaranteed). Why?  Because of the overwhelming and sustainable competitive business advantage created from the 75% greater effectiveness and efficiency of your new generational town design as compared to today’s obsolete and unjust government and business designs; that is, while using this entrepreneurial workflow engine to enact both your new objectives (above), generally in 4 steps, as follows:

Why? Because this Disney-effective and NASA-efficient generational town design is 75% more effective (having 75% higher quality) and efficient (having 75% lower cost) when competitively compared (see operations) to today’s almost completely ineffective, inefficient, and unjust government & business designs. Consequently, the 75% greater effectiveness and efficiency of your new generational town and business design, and related overwhelming and sustainable competitive business advantage over today’s businesses thereafter, will guarantee that you earn (in 2010 $US, for example):

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