Feel free to add to list.

Who is the user?

- demographic

        - ASL?

What is the goal/purpose of this design?

        - benefits of project?

        - learning curve

        - behavior changes?

        - circumstances of use?

        - challenges being tackled?

        - duration of use?

        - where will it be used?

        - any restrictions?

What’s required of the user?

        - time?

        - ASL?

  1. Describe how you envision the finished project?

2. Are there similar/competing projects/products?

3. what is your ideal user?

4. what is your least ideal user?


Who is the user? Existing mail art community, new community built around the content.

Age range? All ages

Are there similar/competing projects/products? UIMA, multiple sources of art calls


Who is the user? Current ITP students

Age range? Graduate student age

Are there similar/competing projects/products? The List,

Goal? Place for students to to discuss their work & ask for help, ease of use

Duration of use? Quick, with the option to look around

Behavior Changes? Minimal

Learning Curve? Visual cues

Conversational Enclosures

Who is the user? Anyone - open userbase

What is the goal/purpose of this design? Change the tone of commenting into constructive
conversations. If people don’t converse, it closes off and ends after an hour regardless.

        - learning curve? Describe to users how dialog will happen

3. what is your ideal user? Smart, academic / multiple types of people

Document Creator

Who is the user?

- demographic - Depends on the conversation

What is the goal/purpose of this design? - get folks to converse together, in real time, and keep a

copy for everyone to see

        - benefits of project? - share knowledge

        - learning curve - extremely easy to use, one click to entry

        - behavior changes? - none’ish

        - circumstances of use? - Prompted users share info

        - challenges being tackled? - bringing a social and collaborative situations together

        - duration of use? - short to long. Dawg.

Are there similar/competing projects/products? Google docs / chat based module