Multiple Language Support

Course Locale (Multiple Language Support)

Blackboard language packs can automatically change the language used for buttons, titles, and text supplied by the Blackboard system.  

  1. Within your course, click Customization on the Control Panel, then select Properties.


  1. Scroll down to the Select Language Pack section.

  1. Click on the Language Pack drop-menu to select the language pack to be used within the course.

Note. The pack chosen determines the language used on course buttons, titles and text created by the system.  For example, the “Create Forum” button will read “Crear foro” when the course language pack is set to Español.  User created content and buttons will not be affected by language pack changes.

  1. Click to Enforce Language Pack if you wish to override user language choices within your course.  Without this option checked, users can toggle between language packs within your course.

  1. Click the Submit button to save personalization changes.

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