Flint Forward

Business Plan

6100 Perry

Grand Blanc, MI 48439




Form of Business
My form of business is a sole proprietorship. I chose this because I want complete creative control over my business. I believe I have the full range of skills needed to be successful in my field. If I need additional help of consultation, I will hire it out. My start-up costs will be modest as well.

My Business Defined
Flint-Forward is a local web development and web presence management service. Flint-Forward will provide the following:

Flint-Forward is focused on ongoing customer relationship development and communication.

My Market Defined

Flint Forward’s market consists of local business owners interested in developing a website or web presence. Our focus is non-profits and mom and pop type shops. We offer personalized design and focused, community based web presence management to local businesses

Brand Profile
Company Name: Flint Forward

Slogan: Move Ahead with Flint Forward

Start-up Costs

Start-Up Costs

Ongoing Costs

Computer hardware and software

Business cards and stationery

Office furniture

Salary of owner-manager (amount you need to pay yourself)

Decorating and remodeling

All other salaries, wages, & commissions

Fixtures, counters, equipment & Installation

Payroll taxes or self-employment tax

Deposits with public utilities


Advertising and promotion for opening

Equipment lease payments




Internet connection

Advertising (print, broadcast and Internet)

Postage & shipping costs

Supplies (inks, toners, labels, paper goods, etc.)


I decided to lease because I don’t want the additional burden of a business property mortgage. I used loopnet and found the following office space for $8 per square foot. I will use an 800 sq. ft. division.

5045 Miller Rd., Flint, MI 48507

Floor Plan