7jan11 Ed WG minutes

-Education WG should encompass action and art

-Make website more dynamic like Seattle's

-Update Edu WGs profile regularly

-Upcoming actions in the works- Dance event (probably a Feb Saturday)

and Peace Wall

-action groups can spawn off of Edu WG

Local gardening

-logo designed by Allen

-team up with Lawrence of Berkeley

-aim towards community sustainability

-get Berkeley rule against selling homegrown produce removed

La Pena for speaking events

-available 2 nights a week for $300 for 4 hours (Sunday and 1 other

day) including inhouse tech

-Michael Parenti just spoke there. He lives in Berkeley

-They have an OO link. They should have an OB one.

-Possible speakers? Laura Wells (big on state banks)


-bought occupyinfo.info domain name

-make it goto information site on all topics of interest

-web developer friend for hire

-PR friend could also help (just wrote 1/2 page on Citizen's United)

Jan 20th actions

-Need fliers for Jan 19th meeting

-Christina talking to local activist about TLs questions on Move to


KPFA- want more coordination with them. Invite them to Peace Wall.

Norma and Adrian always willing to cover us

Easy to get too fragmented. Going to Wells Fargo foreclosure was


People telling stories at BofA was so moving. Could juxtapose these

sad stories with examples of waste and excess.