Science Fiction Literature

Term 2

As you can see from the diagram of our course, Term 2 is a much more independent Term:

Over the course of this term, you will have three main projects:

1) Read a science fiction text (or two, if they are both short books).

I love giving recommendations, but you should also look at GoodReads / Amazon recs, ask other teachers, friends, family, etc. This text should match the type of science fiction you’re interested in and perhaps might write.

        ____ persuasive paragraph explaining why you want to read this book (15pts)

____ a reading schedule you create and accurately maintain (25pts)

        ____ 15-20 pages notes (50pts)

        ____ correspondence with Ms. Kennett (50pts)

        ____ a ‘pearltree’ with 5 quality sources / annotated bibliography with 5 quality sources (100pts)

        ____ process for final paper (100pts)

        ____ final analytical paper (100pts)

                Organized portfolio due December 12-14

2) Sci Fi Apocalypse Week

Based on the idea of ‘20% time’ where companies give their employees a ‘break’ from regular work to pursue a project they’re interested in, we’re going to take the week before the holiday break to have a bit of dystopian fun...  

____ Read a short sci fi book, watch a science fiction movie, read a few science fiction short stories, perhaps listen to a sci fi album, etc. and document your experience (50pts)

        ____ Teach an audience in some way, shape, or form, about what you learned (50pts)


Final project due December 21 (if you’re not going to be there, submit it early)

3) Create Your Own Science Fiction World

        ____ self-determined process that you approve with Ms. Kennett (100pts)

        ____ correspondence with authentic audience(s) also approved by Ms. Kennett (100pts)

        ____ final product (100pts)

        ____ presentation / publication of final product (100pts)

                Final science fiction world due the week of January 22-25

60pts that you can determine on an individual basis