Five Million Gold Budget WW Barbarian Guide

This guide is here to be a baseline for your budget WW Barbarian, I set out to create a WW barb with a budget of 5 million gold that was capable of farming Act 3 *Efficiently*. So lets take a brief overview of the spec and fundamentals of the barbarian class before going into gear select.

The Build:

Stat Selection and Gearing

Gearing a budget WW barb can be tricky, so your goal of this build is not going to be damage based, but survivability and sustainability. With a 5 million gold budget in mind to create a full character, see the link for the gear

Example of 5M Budget WW Barb :

Example of 10M Budget WW Barb :

Example of 180M Budget WW Barb :

With that being said we will get into the technical portion of the gearing process, since this is a budget build you pretty much want to neglect damage output to a certain point, for this budget I tried to achieve 30k dps unbuffed, which would allow me to farm act 3 efficiently. Since you are working with a budget you need to balance your gear accordingly, so in some places you will sacrifice stats and others you will gain the needed stats. Since this build is not about damage output but rather sustainability. So in some slots you won't be able to afford all resist gear which is vital to the spec, so in-place of all resistances you should get either physical or fire resist since those are the most common damage types in diablo 3. For the smoothest fury generation and prevent fury starvation you will use a Fury weapon, instead of a mace or axe, this will supplement for your lack of critical hit chance which is how you gain most of your fury. Since most of your damaging abilities are based off your main hand you want to focus on a high dps/damage range weapon to maximize tornado damage(focus on high strength, vitality, critical hit damage and socket) and your offhand should be a stat stick(providing your life on hit, critical hit damage, life steal and a socket pref. for more critical hit damage. Your stat priority for this type of build will be the following:

WW BreakPoints :

Stat Priority