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Adding another teacher to your course is a way to share ideas, collaborate with your peers, and to help improve the overall quality of your online learning materials. You can also add users to your course for other reasons such as helping with grading (GTA) or to facilitate ADA accommodations (interpreter).

This guide will help you to:

Understand the Different Roles

Teacher (Unlisted)- This is a teacher who has access like a regular teacher with full editing rights, but will not be listed as a teacher in the course for students.

Non-Editing Teacher- Non-editing teachers can teach in courses and grade students in activities, but do not have permission to add, remove, or edit course materials, or the gradebook.

Student (Manual Enrollment)- You can use this role to grant access to course materials to a non-registered user.  Users in this role will have the same privileges as registered students.

Note: We strongly advise that all students be added to courses through the Registrar’s office.

Add a User

  1. First, select turn editing on located in the gear menu

  2. In the Settings gear menu, Select More.

  1. Select Users.

  1. Select Enrolled users.

  1. On the Enrolled users page, to the far right, Click Enroll users.

  1. A pop-up window will appear where you can search for the users you wish to add to the course.
  2. Select the role you wish the user to have from the Assign roles dropdown menu.

Note: Under Enrollment options, you can set the starting date of the enrollment and the enrollment duration.

  1. In the Search box at the bottom of the window, Type the last name or username of the person you wish to enroll.
  2. Click Search.
  3. A Users found list will appear, Click Enroll next to the desired name.

Note: You can enroll more than one user at a time by searching for additional names and clicking the Enroll button next to each name you wish to enroll.

  1. Once you have finished enrolling users, Click Finish enrolling users.

Note: The new users will appear in the list of enrolled users for the course.

For more information, see Assign Roles

For additional information, contact the ITRC - (208) 282-5880 or email

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