Epic Church

Worship & Creative Arts Director

Part Time Position or Internship

Job Description

Please email resumes to: kent@epic4life.com

Epic Church of Wichita, KS is looking for a dynamic, creative, relational leader to fill our part-time Worship & Creative Arts Director position.  This is the perfect opportunity for leaders who are currently working in the market place and are interested in getting involved in a ministry that can be grown and expanded into a more full-time employment.  Epic Church Worship is progressive (past contemporary), with a full band.  We employ the most relevant and latest worship to help our people connect with God.  The ideal candidate will be in love with Jesus, musically proficient, able to lead as a servant, will have experience in leading worship and volunteering in worship ministries, be creative, a people person, have a working knowledge of sound, and able to organize and lead ministry teams.

About Epic Church:


Connecting people to God, one person at a time!


To hub and spoke church plants where churches are needed!

(think tinker-toys.  A hub church spokes out a new church which becomes it’s own entity and partners with the original hub to plant another church in Wichita, Kansas, and beyond)

Values (or 3C Christ Followers):  

(We long to see these three values reflected in the body of Epic Church)

  1. Celebrate (God’s goodness in our lives)
  2. Connect (engage in biblical community - called Connection Groups)
  3. Contribute (our time, talents and treasures)

Organizational Principles: 

  1. Simple
  2. Reproducible
  3. Biblically Responsible

(Everything we do as an organization must live up to these three standards - in ensures that we will be able to create an organization that can achieve the goal of planting more churches.)

Guiding Ministry Principle:  

At the end of the day if nothing else gets done, this is the thing to focus on...

“Create engaging worship experiences that connect people to God, one person at a time!”

Ministry Commitment:

This ministry position comes with a financial commitment on the part of Epic Church of $6,000/year to be paid monthly.  The potential exists for this ministry position to move into a ¾ time position (and even full time position) - all dependant upon the growth of the ministry and Epic Church.  The position is considered an “hourly wage” position with the understanding that the hours of church work will vary from week to week (ie. some weeks may require 20 hrs, while others 10hrs).  It is understood that a minimum of 15 hours will be worked on average and as such the applicant will be paid for 15 hours/week at $7.69/hour.

If the candidate is considered an intern (all college students will fit this criteria), then: it will be understood that the internship is for a period of one year from the official start date of the candidate.  The intern position will come with a financial commitment on the part of Epic Church of $6,000/year to be paid monthly or if chosen as a one time “scholarship” at the end of the internship period.  It is understood that part of the benefit of this internship is to get experience working closely inside a new church work and gaining unprecedented experience with what it takes to build a ministry.

Weekly Time Commitment:  15hrs

Staffing Criteria: 

We are looking for individuals who fit well within the environment of the staff at Epic and are able to engage and connect on the following 3 criteria

  1. Character
  2. Competency
  3. Chemistry

Leadership Traits:

We are looking for leaders who demonstrate the following 4 criteria both in their spiritual life and their leadership.  Each of these is considered essential.

  1. Spiritual Velocity
  2. Teachability
  3. Relational Intelligence
  4. Self-Leader

Delineation of Ministry Areas:

  1. Lead & Build the Sunday Morning Worship Team
  2. Oversee/Provide Leadership/Resource the Tech Team
  3. Lead & Develop Media Team (includes graphics, web, & video)

Ministry Responsibilities:

  1. Volunteers

  1. Sunday Morning and Special Events

  1. Celebration Experience/Music Selection

  1. Staff Responsibilities