Well, race #2 is in the books, and a good race it was, too.  I'm talking about the racing itself, cause the weather sure didn't cooperate!  I think the high was 53 degrees and it was windy and raining.  I suspect the forecast may have slowed attendance, but we still had 42 boats in 10 classes.  I sent the results out shortly after the race, but in reviewing the results tonight, I noticed the big class was Sport Gas, followed by G-1 Mono.  Not surprising I suppose, but was surprised to see a resurgence in A Hydro with 5 boats, all competitive.  Keep it up guys.


Speaking of competitive, when Butch and I were making out the ribbons for  1/2 A Hydro (Killer Bees, if you prefer!), we had to go to quick time to determine a winner because of a points tie.  Nothing unusual there, but their quick times were tied at 1:19.  O.K., no problem, except second quick times were tied at 1:30, so we had to go to third quick time.  We had a winner in Rick Cesati, but they were seperated by only a second, 1:31 vs 1:32 for Rick Stover!  For grins and giggles, I looked at the fourth heat, and it was 1:37 vs 1:40.  Amazing consistency and great racing!



Old Balance: $2847.37.  Expenses: $279.87 for website services, $30 for ribbons for the Lakes Region Wave Runners.  Income: $126 from Race #2 fees, $26 from the 50/50 and $30 reimbursement fro the Lakes Region Wave Runners for the ribbons.  New balance: $2719.50



The next Propwash you receive from NAMBA will have a brief article regarding our hosting the event, as well as pictures from '05.  I spent some time in Maine recently, and with the help of Butch, we have found what we believe to be an excellent caterer and an equally good location for the welcome party in South Berwick.  After some discussion, we also like the idea of having the concourse judging and banquet near the gazebo under a tent.  We felt this was a reasonable option, in light of the temperature issues we had upstairs at the American Legion hall.  Feel free to share any ideas you may have, by the way.


Next hurdle was the date.  I earlier told you that a proposal was being made to change the by-laws to allow the option of a 6 or 7 day event, instead of the currently mandated 8 days.  President Al Waters submitted the proposal to the Board of Directors, and after some surprising (and lenghty) debate, Al withdrew the proposal.  While we could, as a District, vote to bring a new proposal to the entire NAMBA membership, but it is too late for 2012, although I would still like to follow through on it to benefit the smaller districts.


As a result, the 2012 Nats will open on July 14th and conclude with the awards banquet on Saturday, July 21st.



Summer break is over!  We have a race this Saturday in Sanford at Pond #1!  Butch sent me a flier via e-mail, but I can't seem to download it to forward it to you guys.  I'll try one more time, then ask Butch yto try something else, so look for that shortly.