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 During busy periods please bear with us as all our food is cooked freshly to order, thanks


Thai Prawn Crackers - £2.85

Thai Spring Rolls (v) - fresh vegetables and glass noodles served with chilli sauce - £5.95

Prawn and Chicken on Toast - with exotic herbs served with chilli sauce - £5.95

Satay (gf) - marinated and char-grilled with coconut served with peanut sauce

King Prawn - £8.50   Chicken - £5.95

Thai Fish Cakes (gf) - fish and prawn with exotic herbs served with chilli sauce - £6.95

Thai Golden Parcels - filled with chicken, prawn and water chestnut served with chilli sauce - £5.95

Sweet Corn Cake (v) - with exotic herbs and chilli paste served with chilli sauce - £5.95

Thai Croquettes -  chicken and clear vermicelli served with wasabi salad-cream sauce - £6.50

Tempura - battered and deep fried served with chilli sauce

King Prawn - £6.95   Vegetarian (v) - £6.50

Mixed Starters - a selection of starters for two people or more - £8.45 (per person)

Spring Rolls, Fish Cakes, Golden Parcels, Prawn & Chicken on Toast and Chicken Satay

Special Selection of Starters - for two people or more - £12.95 (per person)

Thai Croquettes, Spring Rolls, Giant King Prawn Satay, Chicken Satay, Golden Parcels and Prawn & Chicken on Toast


Tom Yum (gf) - House special with spicy lemongrass, mushroom and fresh chilli

Tom Kha (gf) - Hot and sour soup with coconut cream and Thai herbs

King Prawn - £6.95   Chicken - £5.75   Mushroom (v) - £4.95


Phad Kee Mao (gf) - with dark soy sauce, eggs, green cabbage, chilli and basil leaves

Phad Se-ew (gf) - with dark soy sauce, eggs and green cabbage

Phad Thai (gf) - with tamarind sauce, eggs, bean sprouts, carrots and crushed peanuts 

Chinese New Year - wheat noodles with eggs, cabbage and celery topped with crushed peanuts

King Prawn - £10.95   Chicken - £9.95   Beef - £9.95   Mushroom (v) - £8.95    Tofu (v) - £8.95

Please see the blackboard for our special dishes

vegetarian & tuck-in menu also available

Thai curries

All curries contain coconut milk. Please ask us to make it hotter or milder if you require it.

Green (gf) - with fresh vegetables and sweet basil leaves

Red (gf) - with aubergine, carrots and mushrooms

Panang (gf) - with shredded lime leaves 

Yellow (gf) - with potatoes and cherry tomato

Massaman (gf) - with potatoes, cherry tomatoes, onions and peanuts


King Prawn - £10.95   Chicken - £9.95   Beef - £9.95   Tofu (v) - £8.95  Vegs. (v) - £8.95


Basil Leaf - with thai basil leaves, garlic and chili

Cashew Nut - with bell peppers, onions and carrots

Garlic & Pepper - topped with fried garlic

Oyster Sauce - with mushrooms, peppers and onions

King Prawn - £10.95   Chicken - £9.95   Beef - £9.95   Tofu (v) - £8.95   Vegs. (v) - £8.95

Special side dishes

Mixed vegetables -  £6.95

Special Fried Rice (for two or three people)

King Prawn - £10.95   Chicken - £8.95   Crab - £9.95

Rice, side noodles and others

Thai Jasmine Rice -  £2.95

Egg Fried Rice - £3.25

Egg Noodles -  £2.95

French Fries -  £3.50

For the children...

Tempura & [egg fried rice, french fries or noodles]

Chicken - £6.95   Vegetables (v) - £6.95

We are happy to cook any main and some starters with special sauces for celiac or for vegans, please let us know if you require it.

All our food is cooked with fresh ingredients, free range eggs and local produce wherever possible.

Ananta Thai Food Pub would like to declare and advise customers that some of our dishes may contain one of the 14 allergens listed in Annexe II of the Food Labelling Regulations 1169/1011 (such as eggs, nuts, fish and milk). We advise you to speak to a member of the staff if you have any food allergies or intolerances.

(gf) - gluten free    (v) - vegetarian

All prices include VAT. We do not include service, except for parties of 7 or more, where a discretionary charge of 10% will be added. All gratuities are distributed among the restaurant team.