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OSMF Management Team meeting - Oct 19th 2011
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OpenStreetMap Foundation
 Team meeting

Oct 19th, 2011 18:00 GMT / 19:00 BST / 20:00 CET  


Expecting: Michael, Andy, Henk, Harry, Matt, Oliver, Steve, Mikel

Present: Michael, Andy, Henk, Harry, Matt

Apologies: Oliver, Steve, Mikel

Minutes previous meeting

August 24th, 2011

Proposed: Michael

Seconded: Harry


Agenda & Minutes

Northeast Linux Fest

The following mail has been send to board.

My name is Jonathan Nadeau and I'm the person putting on the Northeast Linux fest. This is our second year and we hold the  event at Worcester State University. Since the event is held at a collage the majority of people attending is students that are computer science majors or extremely interested in technology. We have students coming from MIT, B.C., B.U and everywhere else from Boston to Worcester. We would like Open Street Map to  be there to present what Open Street Map can do and to get people interested in  Open Street Map. Please let me know if this is something that Open Street Map would be interested in. The event will be held on April 7, 2012 and here is a link to the site.

Thanks for your time and help.

--Jonathan Nadeau

Action: Henk will fire this at talk-us

Representation of Working Groups

Are all working groups represented in the Management Team, and are the right contact people on the mailinglist

We’re missing a representative from Data Working Group, SOTM organising committee, and Local chapters working group, although we do have them covered by Henk, Mikel, & Matt

Working Group Updates to the OSMF blog

A topic Communications WG asked Harry to relay.  Can all working groups be persuaded to blog occasionally? How to get some updates onto the blog reasonably regularly?

Information should ideally be prepared by people before the management meeting and possibly emailed before rather than running through updates during the management meetings

Info from Working Groups

SOTM work is kicking off some time soon. Steve leading that

Local Chapters WG - Has been on hold. US chapter has a new board. Need to work out issues around funding & independence. Maybe follow the wikimedia funding model. To be discussed by the LCWG

License WG: We now have permission from to continue using their datasets. We will now be switching our focus a second emailing to older contributors who have not said yes or no to the new contributor terms and to the technical aspects of 1) OSM database rebuilding, 2) with helping mappers see what needs remapping in their local areas, 3) help to a small group of contributors who can re-license some but not all their data, (see initial coordinating document  We are also close to an agreement that will allow us access to a South African government geo-dataset for the entire country.


Doing a fund raiser to buy a new server

Board will discuss spending limit for Management also the management team autonomy to declare a fund-raising drive. Board will meet 4th/5th of Nov.   Action Harry prior to that CWG will discuss promotion plans for a fund raiser

Engineering WG

Rotating cast of members. No roster of permanent members. Discussions about bringing down the barrier of entry to new developers. Various ongoing work. Some improvements to documentation on the wiki.  Amm’s work on ubuntu PPA packages for osm2pgsql


Need Mikel to update on that

Data WG

no meetings. Matt plans to get things going again, but members are short on time. Workload. Possibly need to take on new members. Or delegate more. Could delegate to local chapters perhaps. Dispute resolution would be a good thing to work into local chapters over time, but most local chapters not mature enough for this yet.

Meeting ended 18:50 GMT

Next meeting

Wednesday Nov 2nd, 7pm GMT, dial-in

-- Remark the time-change due to winter-time (USA&Canada will be still on summer-time that week)