Academic Technology  |  WIMBA - Managing and Preloading Content

This guide will help Instructors and Presenters manage their Wimba rooms by organizing and uploading content before a live class.

It is possible to upload Powerpoint files on-the-fly during a live class. Click here for help.

Enter the Administration Tools Page

1. Open a web browser. Wimba supports Internet ExplorerFirefox and Safari

2. Type this URL into the address bar or click on the link:

3. This is the Administration Tools Login screen. Here you will enter your Wimba username and password.

Your Wimba username and your ETSU username should be the same. However, your passwords are not linked and are not necessarily the same.

If you cannot remember your username or password, contact Academic Technology for help. | 439-8611

4. Once you have logged in, you will see a list of classes you have administrative control over. 

5. Click on the name of the class to enter the Modify Room page. Since we are uploading and managing content, we do not want to 'enter the room' at this time.

Uploading and Managing Content

Once you have clicked on the name of the room, you will enter the 'Modify Room' page. If you look at the top of the screen, there is a blue navigation bar with 'Content' already selected for you. (It's highlighted orange.)

1. To upload new content that will be available to show students in your wimba classroom, select the 'New Folder' option.

2. A field will appear where you can name the folder you wish to create. This is how the content will be organized in the Wimba classroom, so something like Week 1, Chapter 1 or the name of the subject works well. This guide will explain where the content will appear in the Wimba classroom.

Once you have named your folder, select 'Create'

3. Now in the presentation content list you have the folder you created, but it doesn't have any content (or slides) inside of it. To add content to the folder, select the folder name.

If you already have content in the folder, that content will be displayed and you can delete, reorder, rename, or add new content.

4. You have a number of choices for adding content. You can Create a Poll, add a URL to share a website, or Upload New Content.

5. To upload new content, first select the file you wish to upload by choosing the 'Choose File' button. Browse your computer to find the file.

Wimba can only upload certain types of files.

6. Once the file has been located, choose 'Add' to add it to the content folder you created.

7. Wimba will display a list of the slides you have added and allow you to delete, rearrange or rename any of the slides. You can select 'New Content' to continue to add content to this folder, or select 'Content' in the upper-left corner to add a new folder.

If You Need Help

Guides, contact information and other help can be found at ETSU's Wimba page:

A more in-depth presenter guide can be found at this URL, explaining the Wimba classroom with its tools and options in greater detail:


Wimba’s support center can be located here:


Wimba offers 24/7 support by phone: (877) 382-2293.