Your assignment is to follow a national Op-Ed columnist in a newspaper. You must collect three current, consecutive columns by your author. Attached you will find a list of newspaper web sites. All can be accessed from school or at home. Archives can be searched on these sites, but many publications require payment for articles older than one or two weeks. Therefore, do not let this go until the due date. The assignment has three parts:


I.        Each article must be ANNOTATED as we have practiced in class. Note that your annotated column must be turned in as a hard copy, or attached to your response when you submit it to Annotate for the following:



Mark places in the text that evoke a reaction from you, be it laughter, anger, or confusion.

Some questions to ask yourself as you read:


II.        After annotating, write a minimum ONE-PAGE RESPONSE that includes the following:



 III. The final task is to write AN ESSAY that synthesizes all three columns and delineates the following:



You are to judge the author’s writing style as convincing or ineffectual and explain why; it is not necessary that you agree with the author if you feel s/he has made a point forcefully. Specific examples must be provided from a variety of collected columns.


I encourage you to communicate with your columnist. Ask questions. Check the newspaper for the appropriate contact information (especially email). You never know—you may get a response.


Due Dates:


See your class calendar

Newspaper sites

Some  require you to register, but most are free. You may use any columnist, but just remember the columnist you choose must be part of the Op-Ed section. You must e-mail me your columnist’s name and a link to something recent they have written. Once approved you will go on the approved list for your class.

The New York Times (scroll down and click “columnist” on the left side. A list of the regular columnists, and the days they post, will appear). Also, note the only allows 10 articles per month for free.  The solution to this is to delete your browser's cookies in settings. (thanks Daniel for this tip). *Note: you may not pick Ross Douthat.


Wall St. Journal (scroll down and you will see the regular columnist)

The Washington Post (choose from the “featured columns” list)

The Boston Globe (columnists are listed on the left)


The Nation: (note this is a left-wing publication-Republicans beware!)

AlJazeera (make sure the columnist you choose writes regularly and not just once every few months)

The Los Angeles Times (scroll down and you will see the op-ed contributors on the left) *Note: you may not pick Patt Morrison.


Here is an excellent response example

Columnist Choices

Only two students per columnist, first come first serve. E-mail me the name of your choice, plus a link to something they’ve written. If you choose one of the names below I don’t need a link to their work.

David Brooks: Jennifer

Derrick Jackson: Frida

Maureen Dowd: Breanna & Christel

Roger Cohen: Richard

Meghan Daum:  Valeria & Michelle H

Paul Krugman: Graciela P

Dana Milbank: Gracie B

Doyle McManus:

Joe Nocera: Jose

Katha Pollitt: Susana

Charles Blow: Genavee & Karen        

Nicholas D. Kristof:

Gail Collins:  

Jonah Goldberg: Alondra & Ashley

Frank Bruni:  Angel

Bill Keller :

David Horsey : Miguelina

Thomas L. Friedman:

Arthur Brooks:

Peter Singer:

George Will:

James Kirchick:  

Bret Stephens: Michelle C.& Montserrat

David Leonhardt: Genesis