Ask The Public: What is Democracy?


1. 4 interviews

2. You Can NOT interview anybody that works at the Middle school

3. You can interview only ONE family member.

4. Each person you interview must be 25 years or older

5. You must have a cover page which would include:

        -project title: ”Ask the Public: What is Democracy?”

        -your name

        -social studies

        -Mr. Klumper


        -picture of democracy

Answers to interview questions:

Governor: Dennis Daugaard

Senators: Tim Johnson, John Thune

Representative: Kristi Noem

President of US: Barack Obama

Vice President: Joe Biden

President or Not?

Samuel Adams: NO

Jim Carter: YES

Jefferson Davis: NO

William Harrison: YES
Benjamin Franklin: NO

John Hancock: NO

Alexander Hamilton: NO

Frank Pierce: YES

John Tyler: YES

Democracy: Rule by the people

100 Senators in US Federal government

435 Representatives in US Federal government

Electoral College: System in which the President is elected in the United States

Democrat: favors a more liberal, larger government

Republican: favors a more conservative, smaller government