The fun room rules, if not followed, will get you (in order)

one: warned (you get 3 warnings)
two: kicked (you get two kicks)
three: banned (10 mins)
four: banned (24 hrs)
five: permabanned.

these rules are:

one: NSFW is tolerated here, but nothing with rape,gory killing,molesting, or toddlercon (that includes the CMC, and other foals/or children.)

two: please, keep spamming to a minimum.

three: keep fighting out of the fun room, if you must fight, take it to PM. after that, it is up to you.

four: no bullying. (for any reason)

five: words such as “nigger, faggot, etc.” are tolerated, but if you use them in a racist/demeaning context, it is concidered bullying.

six:any ban evasion is a network offence, and will be reported immediately (but, and im not telling you to do this, what we dont know, wont hurt us.)

for any other questions concerning the rules, or to report bullying that went on while no OPs was present, talk to either Playing_Cards, or one of the channel ops

and please, have fun!