Era of Alacorn.

        The Alacorns found themselves under the guidance of strong and capable leaders. Together Ulae and Airin lead the ponies to find a land they could establish as their own. The journey was rough. Many times they found themselves against creatures that wished them harm. Airin and her brother Matia protected their people from a vicious Hydra attack. Ulae and Adiana fought side-by-side against a nest of cockatrice's. Many ponies where lost during this great migration but many also showed their medal and were raised to be heroes among their own kind.

        Night fell as they found themselves passing through a swamp. All were silent, listening to the unfamiliar noises of this new and strange land. The air stood still as a loud shriek pierced the night startling the group. Toward the back of the formation a horrible creature emerged from the waters. It coiled it's long snake-like body as it readied to strike. It's face was twisted in a terrible smile, its teeth shone in the moonlight as it stretched its arms out and opened its fingers. It struck and the ponies scattered, all but one. A small gray mare  by the name of Yennaria took flight and escaped the creatures grasp. She flew up high and without a sound dived at the monster. A loud thud was heard and the monster shrieked again as it's eye was pierced. Yennaria fell to the ground, unharmed but dazed. Matia was the first to her side, together they once again took flight. Circling the creature once they dove again. Matia came in fast and the creature turned to swat him away, but Yennaria took the opportunity to dive again at the creature, her horn pierced the creatures throat. There was no other shriek as the creature flailed and finally slid lifelessly back into the swamp. The ponies regrouped and Yennaria was given honors. From then on she stayed at the front alongside Matia for the remainder of the journey and for the rest of her life.

        More dangers hampered them but just as many bravely stood against these challenges. While journeying inside a cave they were met with the sound of an avalanche. Quickly the ponies ran to safety but no rocks fell. Out from the wall came a large canine creature whose skin seemed to be covered in rocks. Slowly it lumbered forward blocking the way of the group. Airin and her sister Adiana wasted little time before attacking this new foe. Airin flew to the cave ceiling and dived while Adiana dashed low. Together they struck and together they were sent reeling back. At this Ulae and Ira rushed forth, together they cast their magics at the creature trying to lift it. It did not budge. Exhausted and irritated the four sat discussing a new strategy. While they talked Matia slowly ventured forth. Soon the ponies grew silent. Matia approached the creature with a smile. He complimented the its strength and form, comparing its rocky fur to the sun drenched mountainside. The stony tail began to wag as Matia's soothing voice made the dog complacent. He gently asked if the mighty creature would allow them passage through it's cavern. It stood and with excited steps that shook the cave it lead them safely to the other side. The dog parted ways at the mouth of the cave and every pony cheered for Matia, he allowed them to cheer but at the end he reminded them that not all challenges are to be met with force and not all obstacles are enemies.

        Dawn was breaking as the exited the cave. The sound of rushing water met the ears of the ponies. The cavern opened onto a ledge nestled between the two mountains. A waterfall fell and filled the giant pond that watered the lush green grass. They had found their home and they called it Canterlot. They began building immediately. It wasn't long before a white and gold city stood like a beacon in the mountains. A great palace was built for Airin and her family. Adjoining the palace the Mage academy was constructed. Ulae and Ira began to take pupils and it wasn't long before the city settled into a comfortable rhythm.

        The noble ponies began to take names of their patron hero. Soon they were calling themselves “of Matia” if they thought of themselves as kind and decisive warriors, Or they called themselves “of Ira” if they saw themselves as Energetic scholars. Many had aligned themselves with one or another and it wasn't long before they became “the families of Matia”, “the families of Ira “ or “the families Adiana”. Though these names were taken none dared call themselves by the name of Ulae or Airin.  The ones who had their names taken looked upon this as a formality though Yennaria saw it as a way for the ponies to come together.

        As time went by Airin proved to be a noble Queen. With brother and sister at her side she walked amongst the common people and heard their pleas for this or that and immediately she would act. Her subjects loved her and she loved them. Ulae was found more and more at the palace in the presence of Airin. Many began to see him as the Queen's adviser but others noticed the whispering they did and the looks that were traded. But the formation of families brought the formation of plots. One evening Airin fell ill. The sickness seemed unnatural and none could help her. She lay in bed for days tossing and turning. Her body ran from cold to burning within minutes. Her family sat by  her side and were only at ease when she was able to rest. In her sleep she passed. Ulae sat with her all night and as her last breaths ceased Ulae lowered his head and the moon glowed blue. A ceremony was held in her honor and she was given a warriors funeral pyre. The fire consumed her body and as it died Ulae stood over the ashes, silent for many hours. Finally his sadness overwhelmed him  and he began to weep. His tears ran down his cheeks onto the ashes. From these rose the first Flories. A race of plants that could talk and move. They were known as Ulae's children and the Descendents of Airin for many years.

        Matia took the throne after his sister passed. The ponies had insisted as he was kind and patient, much like his sister before him. Urged by Ulae and Adiana, his first act was to investigate what had happened to Airin. A call went out and soon it was found that the Queen had been poisoned. A chef stepped forward telling that one of his usual cooks had gone missing. An herbalist then reported certain plants of his had been unaccounted for. Two colts by the names of Lariss and Eluch had not been seen since the queen had fallen ill. They were found behind the waterfall with two other conspirators, a palace maid and a single guard. They claimed to be of the House of Adiana. They had believed Airin to  soft on her subjects and wished to put Adiana on the throne. They were taken and executed for high treason and murder in the square.

        Ulae become more and more reclusive. He began missing his classes, lectures and soon all of his appointments entirely. Adiana began to grow impatient with others and her soldiers started to complain of her growing harshness in their training. Matia was kept busy with his duties as many of the lower ponies began to complain. The kingdom felt the loss of their queen and it quickly became apparent.


        One evening Ulae summoned Ira to his chambers. Ira was concerned for his mentor and voiced his worry of Ulae's recent withdraw from the world. Ulae explained he had not withdrawn without purpose. He had mourned for Airin but the repercussions of her death were graver than most thought. Sadly he explained that without heirs the Sun would soon revert to it's erratic nature. The same went for himself and the moon. Fortunately he had recorded how he and Airin had brought the Sun and Moon to harmony and these arts could be taught. He already knew who would take on Airin's responsibilities, her brother and current ruler Matia. Ira asked who would take Ulae's role when he had passed. That had been decided as well. Ulae asked Ira if he would be willing to take it on. He told him how he had always enjoyed Ira's positive outlook and he knew none whose intelligence could matched his. He told him of how those in charge of the Sun and Moon should stand as examples to the others. Ira agreed and together they went to tell their plan to King Matia. He told Ira and Matia that the secrets he would share would stay with them two, only to be passed down to one of their own blood who they found to be worthy of their power. Separately they were tutored and when it came to its end Ulae destroyed his notes and research. It would now be passed only through family.


        With his duties passed on Ulae was able to spend the rest of his days in the Academy. He taught as he had before and was looked upon as the father of mages. He grew old and died peacefully. His body and the ashes of Airin were walked through the streets. He was cremated and together his and Airin's ashes were set adrift in the afternoon breeze. Together they would return to nature. Forever they would be together.

        Outside of Canterlot the world was not still. The Centaurs had grown strong and began to spread throughout the land. Their strength and size was unmatched by all races except one. The Centaurs had heard of a craftsmen race that lived underground. Their work could not be matched by any craftsmen that saw the sky. Grundels they were called and the Centaurs began their search for the secrets to the Grundels art. The Grundels heard the pounding of centaur hooves and whispers of slavery. At first they tried to flee, moving from mountain to mountain but it soon became apparent that the Centaurs would not stop hunting them. They could not tolerate this so the Darnan of their time Aor sent for help from the Diamond Dogs and together they prepared for battle. Together they called upon the earth not for art, but for war. They crafted armor and weapons from their precious metals and marched themselves to the surface. They would stand together against the invading Centaurs.

        The Centaurs did not expect such a battle with the small creatures, but soon it became apparent that they had to devise a new strategy. Eutropious Tirac called a meeting to discuss what their next move could be. A younger general, by the name of Herodes Demosthenes, pointed our the superiority of their enemies weapons. To win they had to craft stronger armor to withstand the attacks and stronger weapons to overcome their defenses. As they debated on the best materials went a dragon was spotted flying over them. Silence fell upon the meeting and they all knew what they had to do. An elite few were sent along with cart bearers to carry their find while the main army kept the pressure on the Grundels to keep them distracted. The Drakinigoses, as they were come to be called, were merciless in their hunt. In a single year they nearly hunted the dragons in the land to extinction. With the bones and scales they made armor, stronger than rock and flexible. With the claws and teeth they made weapons, sharper and stronger than the metal the Grundels used and lighter than wood. The Grundels thought that their victory was close at hand. As the number of Centaurs grew smaller everyday the Grundels felt relief wash over them. One night they settled for a feast to honor the many who had fallen including Darnan Aor. They ate and Aor's son Whurring, the new Darnan, toasted for oncoming victory and mourned the loss of most of their race. Tomorrow they would end this war and return to Grundeland once again. As the sun rose and they prepared for battles their eyes were drawn to a gleam that shone from the hillside. Soon the Grundels mouths fell open in fear as The dragon skinned Centaurs approached. Too close were the Centaurs and too far away were the Grundels from the mountain for a proper retreat. Eutropious and Herodes stood at the front of their army, clad in golden scales they called the charge. Darnan Whurring loudly called charge as well and lead his troops into the final assault. The battle lasted through the entire day. Each side put their all into the final onslaught and the land ran red with blood. It became apparent to all that neither would win this battle. The Centaurs armor proved to be great but the Grundels fought not only for themselves but for their slain family and their land. As the sun sank low the Centaurs called the retreat. Eutropious had been slain and Herodes took the title of Tirac. The proud centaur race had been reduced to a handful of wounded warriors who had lost everything and were far from home. As they turn to flee the Grundels did not cheer. Silently, the few that were left turned and made their way back into the mountains. They left their weapons were they fell and solemnly made their way home.

        The Centaurs retreated but they ran aimlessly. They could not return to their homeland without victory. They were angry, at the Grundels and especially at themselves. This anger they turned inward and they began to plot. The remaining Centaurs became obsessed with the idea of victory over the whole of the land. They hid, bidding their time until they could one day rise and rule. But for now they could only survive.