How to install a copier as a printer

1. Go to “My Computer” , R: drive (software), Folder “VarioLink”

2. a. If you are on Windows XP. It means that your bottom left corner looks like the picture below. If you are on Windows 7, go to step 2.b.

Click on folder VL7522, Double click “autorun.exe

2. b: If you have Windows 7 computer. It means that your bottom left corner looks like the picture below:

  Click on folder VL7522-win7 , Double click “Setup64.exe”

3. Double click  “Printer Install”  May take a few seconds to open.

4. Click “agree” on the license agreement

5. Click “next” on the menu page.

6. Un-check all devices “except the one you want to install” see the picture below.

Note:  The following are the BHS copiers I.P. addresses/numbers. The number will correspond with the Copier device.

Please select the correct one you want installed, un-check all others.  - A Bldg "A304 Main Office"  -  B Bldg "B101 Language Office"  - C Bldg "C113 English Office"  - D Bldg "D209 Aspire Hallway" - E Bldg "E310 Math/Science Office"    

Click” next “  once you have unchecked all copiers you don’t want installed

On the confirm Installation settings page click “Install

Click “finish ” on the finish installing drivers page.

Go to start, settings, printers and faxes

Right-click on the printer you want to be your default, Recommended “Generic 75/60BW-2 PCL” and select  “set as default printer”

Congratulations! Enjoy printing from your computer to the copier!

Thank you for saving MONEY for our school by switching to print to the copier. Savings on printing costs are at least 80% !!

You can also set to print multiple copies right from your computer.