Puck Huffers FULL-TIME STAFF Application (fill out in full)

NOTE: This position is basically like having a job that you do not get paid for.  Sometimes we may give you material things, but we make no promises about the quality or frequency of these gifts.  We will also happily write letters of recommendation / be solid references for you in the future if you need us to be, should you accept this mission. You are expected to make yourself as available as possible for every single Penguins game, and also contribute off-day material, during the season and playoffs.  Obviously we understand that unlike us, PH is not your baby, so sometimes you may have to, say, visit the doctor instead of cover a game.  Overall, however, we need you to be around a lot and you would be considered “on call” for most games.  Summer posts are flexible.  Once accepted, you are considered a permanent, full-time staff member.  You are obviously allowed to have other things going on, but the first requirement is availability of your time and energy. Close seconds are: a sense of humor at least somewhat in line with our own, ability to code basic HTML and interact with a temperamental WYSIWYG that does not like you, HOCKEY KNOWLEDGE especially familiarity with the Penguins, and general ability to write and be awesome.  If this sounds like you, please continue:


Screen name(s) (Twitter, LiveFyre, Bloguin, AIM, whatever):

Age and birthdate:

Full street address:

Cell phone number and carrier:

Can we text you?  Do you have unlimited texting? Are you quick with replying to texts?:

Are you in school/do you work?  If so, explain:

Where do you live? (It needn’t be nearby):

E-mail address, and how often you check your email:

Do you read our blog?  If so, what do you think of it?

What do you have to bring to the table at PH?  Provide us with an original idea for a post to illustrate.

Describe your writing style.

Let’s say you are at breakfast with PH Staff at a diner.  What do you order?  Explain.  You can get whatever you want, we’re buying.

If somebody wrote you to say that you were a stupid bitch or didn’t understand how the lone defenseman back plays a 2-on-1, what would you say?

What is your favorite NHL team?  (It being the Penguins is not required.)

What do you think of the Penguins?

Who is your favorite player on the Penguins currently?  Of all-time?

Who is your favorite current non-Penguin in the NHL currently?  All-time?

Least favorite player in the NHL currently?  Of all-time?

How do you watch hockey games?

List the top three songs you listen to to inspire you for do-or-die games. Youtube links appreciated.

Explain your swearing and substance habits.

Do you own a cat?  Explain.

Are you okay with the possibility that you will be sharing your public writing space with liveblogs involving Twilight and Zac Efron movies?  If you have time, would you be willing to visit us and drink with us to watch them, or torrent them?

Do you feel you are competent with your computer and on the Internet?

Do you have a lot of friends?  Do you want to be our friend?  (It’s okay, you can say no. If you say yes, prepare yourself. Intern Ann can tell you, it’s no easy ride.)

Anything else you think we should know about you?

Okay, time for you to sign your life away (just kidding).  Since this is a typed application, it is okay to just type your initials and signature/date.

I give permission that any content I submit to Puck Huffers from that moment on becomes property of www.puckhuffers.com, with due credit given to myself as the originator. ________________ (initial)

I accept the condition of confidentiality.  Any information that comes to me as a result of being a PH Staff member is not to be shared with anyone, unless that information is already public.  ________________ (initial)

To the best of my knowledge, the entirety of this application has been filled out with information that is both complete and true.


Signature and date