SECRETS Volunteer Instructor Contact Information

Name: _____________________________________________________________

Your Steward Name: _____________________

Email: _____________________________________________________________

Home Phone: ___________________

Work Phone: ____________________

Cell Phone: _____________________

Mailing Address: ____________________________________


The best way to contact me is ________________________________________.

Schools/Classrooms I am interested in volunteering for: __________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Are there any medical issues or concerns that we should be made aware of for the scope of your volunteer duties?

Emergency Contact Information

Name: __________________________ Relationship: _____________________

Phone: __________________________        Alt Phone:______________________

SECRETS Volunteer Agreement


  1. To arrive on time to all meetings, events and classes.
  2. To call if I am running late or having car troubles.  To call 24 hours in advance should I not be able to attend a meeting or commitment.
  3. To keep confidential matters confidential.
  4. To keep a professional attitude towards training and feedback.
  5. To interpret “volunteer” work as work without pay.

Unacceptable actions: Listed below are possible actions that the SECRETS program will NOT tolerate.  If any of these actions should occur during volunteer time, than the volunteer would be immediately dismissed from the program.  If the action were breaking the law, than the volunteer would immediately be reported to the proper authorities.

Printed Name: _______________________________



(Optional) Photo Release: I give the Columbia Gorge Ecology Institute my expressed permission to use photographs and/or video of me in their publications.

Signature:                  ___________________________________  Date: __________