What’s New


September (5.7.1709.x)

New Objects

July (5.7.1707.x)

June (5.7.1706.x)

May (5.7.1705.x)

April (5.7.1704.x)

March (5.7.1703.x)

February (5.7.1702.x)

January (5.7.1701.x)


December (5.7.1612.x)

November (5.7.1611.x)

*Important: Update .Net nuget package to ensure compatibility

October (5.7.1610.x)

New Objects

September (5.7.1609.x)

August (5.7.1608.x)

New Objects

For detailed information on new features please review the API Reference.

*.Net users will require a dll update

July (5.7.1607.x)

June (5.7.1606.x)

New APIs:

New Objects:

*.Net users will require a dll update

May (5.7.1605.x)

April (5.7.1604.x)

February (5.7.1602.x)

January (5.7.1601.x)

New Objects


December (5.7.1512.x)

November (5.7.1511.x)

*If you are using dll version 5.7.1508-1510 this will require a dll update.

September (5.7.1509.x)

New Methods

New Objects


August (5.7.1508.x)

May (5.7.1505.x)

March (5.7.1504.x)

February (5.7.1502.x)